UDK WebOffice - Complex Enterprise Software with Order Management and Logistics Modules

UDK Weboffice - Enterprise software with order management and logistics modules

About the project

UDK Weboffice is a custom enterprise software developed to optimize the business processes of a construction material manufacturer. The system includes order processing and logistics modules that have dramatically increased working efficiency.

The client’s problem

Our client, construction materials manufacturer UDK Gazbeton, contacted Clockwise Software with a widespread problem - the employees of the company were drowning in manual and paperwork. Hundreds of daily phone calls with clients and delivery partners, thousands of hand-written reports, manually combined routes for delivery, frequently repeating mistakes - this was a typical day at the UDK office.

How it worked

  • 4Critical errors average
  • 6Specialists at least
  • 5Phone calls at least

Our team’s solution

Having vast experience in business workflow optimization and digitalization, we offered several features that would reduce the number of employees busy with manual work, and instead having a computer handle the work. This also minimized mistakes in all calculation types. As a result, the enterprise system was empowered with the following functionalities:

Online order placement

Previously, customers had to call UDK to place or change an order. Enabling them to do this online reduced the number of unnecessary phone calls.

Automatic invoicing

The system is able to automatically generate and send invoices to clients, as well as notify them about successful transactions.

Tender system for delivery contractors

The system asks contractors for their delivery prices and automatically selects the most profitable offer. Subjective decisions are removed from the equation.

Route planning for combined routes

The system integrates with Google Maps to select the most efficient routes for delivery, considering current traffic situations, average speeds and fuel expenses.

Optimized delivery after implementing Web Office software

  • 1Critical errors average
  • 4Specialists at least
  • 1Phone calls

Challenges we faced

Creating enterprise software for a factory is a complex project with many factors. Our main task was to design a software that could support and optimize existing company processes, while not completely reinventing the workflow. We faced several challenges that were successfully solved by our business analyst and software developers.

Integration of a complex software into the existing workflow

When discussing the desired functionality, it was clear that integrating a monolithic system in the current factory workflow would be too painful. So, we decided to follow agile principles, which meant developing and integrating one feature at a time. This approach enabled us to follow the efficiency of each software feature and make instant improvements based on user feedback.

Lack of synchronization between the order placement module and warehouse

The company faced problems when the ordered products were not in stock at the necessary capacity. The manager would have to call the client to change the order, and this process was then repeated. To eliminate this, we implemented instant synchronization between the order placement module and warehouse. As a result, only items and volumes currently available for purchase are displayed to potential clients.

Technologies we used

Project Outcome

2 000 000+

UAH a year saved on delivery

45 to 92

Trucks a day load capacity increased

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