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Grocery Delivery App Development Guide: Instacart Approach Explained

The on-demand delivery industry is potentially profitable as never before. Learn from the leaders, build your own app like Instacart for the local market and become a powerful player in a grocery delivery niche.

How to Create a Location-Based App in 2024: The Main Steps, Features & Trends

Location-based features help enhance applications across various industries, from logistics to real estate, healthcare, and retail. This article explains location-based app development and a geolocation application’s primary purpose and key features.

TOP Logistic Tech Startups & Companies You Should Follow in 2024

Logistics is an industry that needs innovations. Successful businesses aren't ready to invest in the development of modern and efficient solutions for their logistics departments. But startups are! We have reviewed top startups that innovate in logistics industry. They are worth following!

What is Location Intelligence & How to Use It in Your Business

Accelerate your business success with location intelligence (LI). Discover LI fundamentals and use cases to find the perfect location intelligence solution for your business.

Custom Logistics Software Development: Features, Advantages & Tech Stack

Custom logistics software includes a set of features tailored to a specific business needs. Find out how a piece of software can help your company reduce the logistics costs, improve working productivity minimizing paperwork and secure all your data.

How to Build On-Demand Delivery App Like Postmates and Succeed

The delivery app like Postmates occupied a high stable position among similar solutions. From a simple MVP, it grew to an enormous product acquired by one of the market leaders. Would you like to make your own app like Postmates and succeed? Take a look at our step-by-step guide.

How to Create a Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats From Scratch

How to build a food delivery app like Uber? Find out everything you need to launch a viable MVP fast, with minimum expenses.

How to Build an App Like Uber for Trucks

The logistics industry needs to modernize. Some startups have already chosen their strategies, launched Uber-like apps for trucking, and succeeded. Want to join the leaders? Follow our guide!

How to Build Best Local Events App Like Eventbrite and YPlan

How can you create a local solution that will become as popular as apps like Eventbrite? In this article, we cover the main features of the best apps for events and talk about the major milestones of the development process.

15 Hot Ideas for Location-Based Applications with Examples

Location-Based Application is your chance to meet users’ demands in a better way. Have a look at the hottest Location-Aware App ideas and succeed with one of them!

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