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Looking for a custom solution to fit your business? We develop innovative web products and services using one of the most reliable frontend frameworks - Angular.
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Why choose Angular app development?

A framework for complex tasks

Angular includes various features out of the box which fit the majority of complex projects, such as productivity applications, corporate software, logistics systems, etc.

Angular is a component of mean stack

Mongo DB + Express.js + Angular + Node.js, widely known as MEAN is a full-JavaScript stack, enabling building complex web apps exclusively with the means of JS

Easy and cost efficient support of angular web apps

You don't have to invest much money and effort into post-release support of the project. Part-time cooperation with an Angular developer will be enough

Easy to hire and onboard angular developers

JavaScript is the most popular programming language. Angular has a moderate learning curve, that's why there are a lot of skilled Angular developers on the market
Specifics of web app development with Angular
Angular is a framework and it includes many useful features out of the box. There's no need to use third-party tools to enhance the functionality.
Angular uses TypeScript - the programming language that is transpiled into JavaScript. There are several benefits of using TypeScript, like static typing, browser compatibility, better IDE experience, etc.
Two-way data binding in Angular enables immediate synchronization of changes in model and view in both directions making the development process faster and more efficient.
Comand-line interface (CLI) in Angular supports a handful of useful actions out the box: ng new, ng generate, ng test, ng build, etc.
A popular mobile app development framework Ionic uses Angular. This fact enables to reuse much of code from the web app to create a mobile application in a shorter time
We create custom Angular solutions for a variety of industries:
Order traking systems, barcode scanning, automatic, route planning
Inventory management, ERP system, factory surveillance software
Real estate
House management apps, augmented reality showing apps, lead nurturing software
Stock management systems, order management software, barcode scanning
Online shops, CRM systems
Online marketplaces, CRM systems, payment gateways integrations
Internet of Things
Smart home, smart factory systems, connected medical devices
Reservation systems, hotel management software, hotel guests apps
Navigation systems, connected car systems, autonomous cars software
We build Angular applications that are worth sharing
What do we offer?
Angular-based frontend app development from scratch
Full-stack app development using MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js)
Full-cycle web app development from scratch (including business analysis, design, quality assurance)
Migration to a newer version of Angular (the current stable version we work with - Angular 8)
Support and maintenance of existing Angular applications
Why is Clockwise software your perfect Angular company?
We invest in the expertise of each employee. Our Angular developers attend tech conferences, take part in international programming competitions and improve their knowledge every day!
5 years
Developing web apps with Angular for over 5 years
120+ projects finished
Angular pros in our development team
Experiencing specific issues in your company?
Here's how Clockwise Software can help:
Goals requirements definition
Budget optimization
MVP development and launch
Further product improvement and deployment of new features
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