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Looking for a custom solution to fit your business? We develop innovative web products and services using one of the most reliable frontend frameworks - Angular.

Why choose Angular app development?

A framework for complex tasks

Angular includes features out of the box that fit the majority of complex projects including productivity applications, corporate software, and logistics systems.

Angular is a component of mean stack

Mongo DB + Express.js + Angular + Node.js, widely known as the MEAN stack, enables you to build complex web apps exclusively with JavaScript.


Thousands of frontend developers worldwide use Angular every day, resulting in a strong developer community and the availability of robust solutions for almost any task.


Thanks to the Ionic framework, Angular can also be used to build cross-platform mobile apps. Code reusability enables fast and effective MVP development for companies in any industry.

Specifics of web app development with Angular

Angular is a framework that includes a wide set of features out of the box. It’s possible to extend Angular with third-party components, but it’s rarely required.
Angular uses TypeScript, a programming language that’s transpiled into JavaScript. Benefits of TypeScript include static typing, cross-browser compatibility, and a better IDE experience.
With Angular, you can build Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, that deliver native-like performance while skipping the installation process and working with slow network connections or even offline.
Internationalization (i18n) in Angular enables easy localization by offering built-in conversion of measurements, dates, numbers, and currencies.
The Ionic cross-platform development framework supports Angular out of the box. Fast prototyping with Ionic is possible due to built-in templates and a variety of third-party starter kits.

We create custom Angular solutions for various industries:

Order tracking systems, barcode scanning apps, automatic route planning software
Inventory management tools, ERP systems, factory surveillance software
Real estate
Property management projects, augmented reality property touring apps, lead nurturing software
Stock management systems, order management software, barcode scanning apps
Cross-platform online shops, CRM systems, order management systems
Online marketplaces, CRM systems, payment gateway integrations
Internet of Things
Smart home and smart factory systems, connected medical devices
Reservation systems, hotel management software, hotel guest apps
Navigation systems, connected car systems, autonomous car software

We build Angular applications that are worth sharing

What we offer
Angular-based frontend app development from scratch
Full-stack app development using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js)
Full-cycle web app development including business analysis, design, and quality assurance
Migration to newer versions of Angular
Support and maintenance of existing Angular applications

Not sure whether Angular is the right choice for your project?

Our experts can analyze your project requirements and help you choose the right technology.

Why is Clockwise software your perfect Angular company?

For over five years, we’ve been building web, mobile, and IoT applications with JavaScript. Angular is our core frontend technology. Our developers have practical experience with all versions of the framework starting with the initial Angular.js released in 2010 and including Angular 9, which went live in 2020. We know Angular inside and out. And we know how to solve your specific problems using this technology.
10 years
experience with all versions of Angular
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What could your company use some help with?

Clockwise Software can help you:
Define goals and requirements for your project
Optimize your budget
Develop and launch an MVP
Improve your product and deploy new features
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