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We anticipate your needs and offer tailored solutions designed to solve your particular problem in the most efficient way possible.

Who we are

Clockwise Software is a product development studio. We help companies and startups at all stages of software development, from idea refinement to product launch. We also offer business consulting and marketing services to ensure the product growth and manage software promotion worldwide.

What we believe in

Our mission is to help companies build groundbreaking products through our expertise in software development, business development and marketing. We aspire to prove that any business can be made more efficient with customized software. By offering smart solutions, we help companies cut expenses, reduce mistakes, minimize manual work, and optimize internal processes. Together, these efforts result in increased income and a healthier bottom line.

More than technology

We are a one-stop-shop solution for product development. Along with traditional software programming, we offer business analysis, design, marketing, business consulting.

More than a vendor

Our aim is to develop a product your users need – not just a product you want. We share our vision and prove each suggestion with facts, but we always let the client make the final decision.

More than experience

While we’re proud of our background, we are also constantly looking to the future. We research emerging technologies in beta so we – and you – are ready for action when they are released.

Our team

Clockwise Software houses the best programming, design and marketing minds of Ukraine under one roof. Our company culture is built upon encouraging learning and knowledge sharing and constantly striving for excellence. Our clients enjoy efficient communication with every member of the team.

Salsa dancers, quiz night participants, rock musicians, cycling enthusiasts, beach volleyball and tennis players, climbers, pole dancers, snowboarders, skiers, and surfers – this is the Clockwise Software team. We are all different, but we share a common passion – bringing worthy ideas to life using code.

As a team, we support each other while we work and party together when we’re not. Our business trips, conference speeches, and brainstorming sessions are just as fun as our office TGIF parties, PlayStation tournaments, karaoke nights and team trips. We really enjoy spending time together and tagging each other in our Instagram photos. Check them out too!

Our leadership

Andrei Tsygankov
Chief Executive Officer
Natalya Yemelyanova
Head of People
Serhii Pedan
Head of Sales

Our city

We are based in Dnipro. The fourth largest city in Ukraine, Dnipro is famous for its technical universities, which produce around 1000 IT graduates per year. The city has inherited a strong engineering tradition and is currently the industrial capital of the country. Most of our employees have degrees in programming, applied mathematics, engineering, etc. Our educational backgrounds enable us to solve even the most complex tasks.

Dnipro is located at the center of Ukraine. There are four airports within a 3-hour drive of our office, including one airport within the city. We are happy to welcome you into our office at the heart of Dnipro!

Describe your product idea and we will start working on it within 24 hours.

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