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We are ready to take over implementation of any idea starting with business analysis, over development and testing up to product launch and beyond

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Web development

Having a website could give you an advantage over competitors a few years ago. But the times have changed. Digital world nowadays offers much more opportunities for a business to evolve and we help to get most profit from web technologies.

We offer web application development for various goals, starting with simple web pages up to complex e-commerce web apps. Besides, we help businesses improve internal processes with the help of custom web based tools, developing order and stock management systems, logistics solutions, etc.

Web app architecture

Develop website architecture to create most efficient and straightforward solutions

Frontend development

The latest frontend technologies we provide web app users with top experience

Backend development

And reliable server side is what makes a web application achieve the set goals

Progressive web app development

Current trends, we offer great mobile UX keeping the flexibility of a web app

Mobile app development

A mobile app is the most efficient way to bring products or services to the actual users. Besides, corporate applications become an efficient tool since they can be fully customized to each business case. Clockwise Software creates powerful solutions for enterprises, SMBs and startups, building modern mobile apps. Following the latest trends in mobile app development, we ensure that the software we build delivers exceptional experience to users across all platforms.

Cross-platform app development

We build applications that work seamlessly on a variety of platforms without limitations

Custom apps for business

Custom apps for smartphones and tablets improve working efficiency and minimize risks

App development for startups

We develop mobile apps from prototype through MVP to a successful product

Quality assurance

Our aim is to assure that the product we develop works seamlessly. QA team pays much attention to user experience and stable performance. Automating the testing process we enable faster and more frequent releases, load testing is implemented to audit app scalability. In every project we aim 100% test coverage to ensure the highest quality of the software we deliver.

Manual software testing

A QA engineer imitates real user behaviour to test user interface and user experience

Automated testing

Automated testing tools are involved to test backend and functionality of the application

Performance testing

We test each application in extreme conditions to ensure that they withstand peak load


UI design is the first thing the user sees before deciding to try out an app. UX defines whether he will keep using it. We design interfaces that are convenient, consistent and predictive. Along with that, we strive the interfaces to be recognized and remembered. Our objective is to ensure that each element on a screen contributes to success of the whole mobile or web application.

UI/UX design

App design combines art and science to achieve the initial goal of each project

Responsive design

We design interfaces for different screens, from smart watches to desktops and smart TVs

Motion design

Moving images are catchy and more expressive, remaining one of the biggest design trends

Brand identity

A complex approach to brand identity allows to hook clients with unique illustrations and memorable design

Business analysis

Our initial task is to reveal the true needs of each business to develop a product that solves the given tasks in the most efficient way. We prepare the technical task and detailed specifications, estimate the time and cost of product development and ensure that our expertise matches the requirements of the customer. Business analysis helps us to build a product that delivers most value with minimal efforts.

Understand the need of the customer

We analyze each business case to reveal all pain points of the client and offer an efficient solution

Product development estimation

Realistic time and cost estimation allows us to meet the expectations of the customer

Requirements specification and documentation

Use cases describing user interactions is a roadmap to building a successful product

Describe your product idea and we will start working on it within 24 hours.

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