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Logistics app development offers new functionality

Tender system for unprejudiced selection of logistics contractors

Logistics software can let your transportation contractors offer their price for every single order. The tender system then automatically and independently selects the most profitable one. This approach allows to avoid subjective decisions and results in more cost-efficient partnership.

Automatic truck load scheduling for efficient resources usage

Logistics application prevents you from releasing half-empty trucks by analyzing supply chain volumes and current orders. The system automatically reschedules the delivery to load full truck and save costs. Releasing a full truck instead of two half-empty trucks means that your logistics budget can be twice smaller.

Logistics route planning software to optimize delivery

When it comes to combined routes, it is important to choose an optimized transportation route to reduce the time spent for delivery and fuel expense. A software can calculate the shortest route to cover all destinations and save much time. As a result, the company can serve more clients with the same fleet.

Planning equipment maintenance to avoid major breakings and reduce risks

Preventative maintenance is a logistics software feature that helps saving great sums of money. The system is able to schedule maintenance of trucks, loaders and other logistics equipment to prevent major breakings and working processes stoppage, which is beneficial to supply chain.

Integration with map services to analyze traffic information

Integrating online map services such as Google Maps into logistics app helps analyze current traffic situation and adjust the delivery route in real time to avoid jams, and ensure that the truck doesn’t fall behind schedule.

Barcode scanning for more efficient load/unload process

A barcode encrypts all the necessary information about the delivered products (destination point, estimated delivery time), keeping some specific data secret (e.g. price of the product or contact information of the partner).

Timely notifications to follow delivery status

Logistics management software provides real-time information about current status of the delivery. Notifications about delivery confirmation from the partner is a helpful feature in transportation and supply chain software.

Reasons to entrust logistics app development to Clockwise Software

Our expertise

We have over 4 years experience in logistics software development for small businesses and enterprises. We develop transportation, supply chain and logistics software from scratch, but also work with legacy code, and take over product redesign. The main goal of every development process is to solve the problem our client came with.

Our team

We create a development team exclusively to meet the needs of a given project. Our developers work with proven technologies and keep an eye on the latest trends. QA engineers aim the 100% test coverage to ensure high quality of the software. Business analyst conducts comprehensive research to reveal the true need for the product. A project managers takes over the responsibility for the whole development process and deadlines adherence.

Our workflow

We follow the principles of agile development, but are also open for other methodologies, if it is required by the case specifics. Though, we are sure that working in small sprints, constant feedback and extensive communication in the team and with the customer allows everyone to stay focused and ensures that we are all moving towards the same goal.

We care

Clockwise Software isn’t just a development vendor you hire to fulfill your needs. We offer extensive research, consultancy, and support to ensure that together we create the best possible product that hits the market and wins love and appreciation from users. We are your technology partner, who really cares about the project outcome.

How we did it

We can offer our expertise in custom logistics app development. Let our cases inspire you.

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