Auto-Publish Extension for Eventbrite

About the project

Eventbrite is an international platform for event management and ticketing. Initially, the service enabled creating a draft of an event and then changing its status to “Live”. Though, Eventbrite assumed that event organizers needed more options to make their work on the platform more efficient. An auto-publish extension developed by Clockwise Software for this service allows to schedule the change of event status. An extended functionality enables users to determine the exact time when the event should be published to Eventbrite. The Auto-publish extension is available to all users on Eventbrite Spectrum.

Client’s problem

Our Eventbrite is used to promote thousands of events daily. Aiming to improve user experience, the company decided to test a new feature. An assumption was that the users need ability to schedule the publishing of their events on Eventbrite. Along with that, there should be a possibility to see the list of “Scheduled Publishes”, as well as to edit or delete them.

Though, it was not reasonable to make changes to existing interface until the feature was tested with real users.

Besides, the company has launched its own platform Eventbrite Spectrum, providing useful services from partner companies. It seemed to be perfect for testing the new feature. Additionally, offering event publishing scheduling through Spectrum could help drive traffic to the new platform.

Eventbrite has evaluated the previous experience of Clockwise Software and offered us to develop an extension enabling to schedule event publishing. This extension should be distributed via Eventbrite Spectrum.

Solutions offered by Clockwise Software

Clockwise Software was working in tight cooperation with Eventbrite to develop an auto-publish extension. It enables the user to schedule publishing of one or multiple events for any time that would be more profitable from marketing point of view. After an event is scheduled for publish, it can still be edited or deleted, if needed.

The auto-publish extension helps to save time to Eventbrite users and allows to focus on more important tasks, such as communication with participants or other preparations. The auto publish extension takes care that the event goes live on time.

Challenges of the project

Ensure seamless experience

The extension should be used within the Eventbrite web app, which means it has to seamlessly integrate not just technically, but also visually. We have adjusted our service to match Eventbrite’s design

Working with a new API

To develop an extension that seamlessly integrates with the service, we had to learn the Eventbrite API. Use of this API also allowed us to submit our extension to Eventbrite Spectrum’s directory

Ease of use

One of our tasks was to make the extension as simple to use as possible. Focusing on a single feature allowed us to avoid the feeling of using a third-party service. After installation, the auto-publish extension is perceived as just another feature of Eventbrite

Technologies we used

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