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At Clockwise Software, we have developed multiple peer-to-peer platforms for various industries. Being true nerds in everything related to multi-vendor startups, we understand the challenges of this type of business and are ready to provide you with effective marketplace solutions of any complexity.
A social media marketing analytics tool
Marketplace development services we deliver
IT consulting and product discovery
If you have only a startup idea
We provide project discovery as part of our IT consulting services and help you validate your idea, proving it’s feasible and worth investing in. As a result of the discovery phase, you’ll also get a detailed time and cost estimate as well as a software requirements specification, which lays a solid foundation for further marketplace app development.
End-to-end product development
If you’re building a marketplace from scratch
Starting custom marketplace development with an MVP allows you to listen to your users and make incremental improvements to satisfy their needs. According to the lean startup approach, we start with minimal functionality to deliver value. We gather feedback and work on improvements to develop a marketplace that solves current market challenges and attracts users.
Extension of your existing team
If you need to augment your team
You may have a development team that’s already working on a multi-vendor marketplace platform. We can empower your existing team to help you achieve your business goals, such as speeding up the time to market, launching your product on other platforms, or scaling your product to improve its stability, performance, or user experience. We’ll help you bring your custom marketplace to a new level.
As a marketplace development company,
we can help you with
Architecture design and development
We create an optimized web app architecture to cater to the needs of all user groups: buyers, sellers, and admins.
UI/UX design
By building unique interfaces, we make the user journey through your B2B or B2C marketplace as pleasant and engaging as possible.
Existing product support and maintenance
An up-and-running online marketplace startup requires ongoing technical support and bug fixes, which we are ready to deliver.
Transition to a white-label model
We can help you upgrade your custom marketplace’s architecture so you can sell the technology behind it to other entrepreneurs.
Tech stack upgrade
Our development team can migrate your existing app to a modern technology stack to ensure top performance.
Industries we work with
Marketing and advertising
Real estate
Clockwise Software in numbers
Years in the software development market
Successfully completed projects
On Clutch
Job success on Upwork
Of our partners and clients work with us for over three years
We know what an online marketplace should look like
At Clockwise Software, we have diverse experience with marketplace website development. We perfectly understand the challenges of multi-vendor platform and have appropriate solutions in our toolset.
When founding your own online marketplace startup, you will have to deal with three groups of app users: customers, buyers, and platform administrators. They each come with different expectations and requirements and have different priorities. What is most important to each of these groups?
For customers
Ability to compare similar items
Fast and easy checkout
Secure in-app payments
Reviews from other buyers
For sellers
Intuitive and feature-rich CMS
Customization possibilities for listings or profiles
Secure in-app payments
Integrations with external software (invoicing, inventory, ERP)
Cross-platform experience
For app admins and owner
Stability and support for high loads
Low computing resource consumption
Built-in reporting, visualization, and analytics
Simple and affordable technical support
Custom monetization solution
Need help recognising and addressing the needs of your target users?

The development process at Clockwise Software

Idea validation
There are hundreds of web and mobile marketplaces out there, so it’s important to prove that your idea will find its place. We will analyze the competition and dive deep into your target audience’s expectations to prove that it’s worth investing your time and money in marketplace development.
Architecture design
At this stage, we make multiple technical decisions that will impact the whole online marketplace development process and the product’s scaling potential. We create an app structure, keeping in mind the preferred tenancy model, choose a cloud services provider, configure the server, and decide on the technology stack and needed integrations.
UI/UX Design
Once we clearly understand the app’s audience and their priorities, we start designing the user interface. By applying the official design guidelines for iOS and Android along with industry best practices, we strive for the perfect user experience for every C2C marketplace app visitor.
Marketplace MVP
How much does it cost?
The development time and cost are hard to calculate, as multiple factors impact the development process. However, when talking about an online marketplace MVP, the numbers are more or less clear.
As we have built multiple marketplace applications, we understand the basic functionality of such a platform and the common requirements that have to be met.
You can anticipate the time and cost to build your application. Download our marketplace MVP estimate example here:

Our marketplace development services in action

Discovery and development of a digital consulting marketplace
A white-label marketplace platform
Marketplace for photo and video creators
Online marketplace for parents and babysitters

Our toolset

These are the proven technologies, tools, and
services that help us build world-class B2B,
B2C, and C2C marketplaces

  • Design:
    • Figma

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

    • AfterEffects

    • Invision

  • Frontend:
    • React

    • Vue.js

    • Angular

    • Redux

    • Next.js

  • Backend:
    • Node.js

    • Laravel

  • Mobile:
    • React Native

    • Ionic

  • Infrastructure:
    • AWS

    • Docker

    • Google Cloud

    • Azure


Heiko Roth
Co-Founder, COO at Agilea Solutions
Nevada, USA
We’ve found a great team with good expertise and value. Clockwise Software has been able to plan a great project with a limited budget. They’ve adhered to that plan, making us trust their work in every sprint that we start with them. The team has been able to deliver and be cheerful and friendly despite being in the middle of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine — it’s been genuinely inspiring.
1 / 8

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