Business Process Optimization Platform

Business process optimization platform
A tool to analyze reports from different telecom providers and to detect and eliminate data inconsistencies.
Time frame:
February 2021 – Present
Business process optimization platform

Project background

Our client was a telecom broker who is now on his way to becoming a telecom provider. Having been in this business for many years, our client and his team were facing a problem: their reporting process was not optimized, which led to data inconsistencies and required many hours of analysis and fixing mistakes at the end of each reporting period. This problem could be solved with a tailored software tool.

Our client was surprised that there was no ready-made solution on the market since many telecom agents face similar problems. With this knowledge, our client is now working on a product for internal use and is planning to turn it into a monetized SaaS solution in the future.

Project background
The main challenge our client faced was the necessity to process reports from different sources. These reports contained diverse information and had different structures. As a result, it required a lot of time and effort for our client to compare information from their CRM with information from a telecom provider's CRM system.
This led to:
  • manual cross-checking of spreadsheets
  • protracted negotiations with service providers
  • monetary losses because of the limited negotiation time frame
Our client wanted to simplify the report comparison process by unifying data formats and structures.
Challenge image

After defining our client’s challenge, we had to validate the effectiveness of our client’s future software from a technical standpoint. We started the project with a discovery phase during which we created a prototype. By doing this, we made sure that we would be able to solve the client’s problems with our technical solution before moving to development.

To handle our client’s main challenge, we developed admin panel functionality that allows users to create presets (templates) that serve as a foundation for generating future reports.

Solution image

To generate a preset:

A user uploads an existing report in XLS format
The system parses the uploaded file and extracts all the column headers/attributes that can be matched during report generation
Match fields
The system also retrieves data attributes related to telecom providers from our client’s CRM system via an API
Discuss the details
The system parses the uploaded file and extracts all the column headers/attributes that can be matched during report generation
The system saves this list of matching fields for the selected XLS file structure and selected telecom provider as a preset

After that, in order to generate a report, the user needs to select a preset and upload an XLS file with a similar data structure so that the system can compare the data automatically:

More of what we did

In addition to solving our client’s main pain point,
we performed a scope of work which included:

The dashboard displays a broker’s sales team statistics, the number and percentage of successful and failed deals, profit from transactions
The new feature allows linking each salesperson to their deals and therefore improve both individual and team accounting process
new format
The data from the dashboard can now be exported in CSV and XLS formats, making it instantly ready for view, editing or sharing within other apps
Technologies we used

Project outcome

At this point, we have completed the initial scope of work and the client is already using the first version of the product within their company.

For the next iteration, we plan to scale the product and provide technical solutions aimed at optimizing other processes in our customer’s company.

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