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Vue.js was released in 2014. Combining the advantages of React and Angular, it quickly became one of the top three frontend frameworks for web app development. This promising technology enables you to rapidly build high-quality user interfaces.

Why is Vue.js the best choice for your app’s front end?

Easily combined with other frontend tools

The core Vue.js library works with the view layer, and you can adopt it incrementally. That means you can integrate Vue.js components into existing projects with other libraries.

Suitable for both startups and enterprises

With Vue.js, you can quickly build app MVPs. However, it also meets the needs of corporate software and performance-critical solutions.

Employs JavaScript to build mobile apps

With Vue.js, web development is not the limit. You can use Vue.js to build hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS with Ionic, Weex, or Framework7.

Support from the Vue.js community

The framework is being developed by the Evan You team and funded by the community, ensuring dynamic Vue.js development.

With Vue.js, web development is easy and effective

Vue.js works as part of the MEVN stack and goes well with Laravel. When working with Vue.js, you can choose the framework that perfectly matches your app’s requirements.
There are hundreds of useful Vue.js libraries and components for UI development. All of them can be used independently due to the framework’s modularity.
The virtual DOM updates only parts of the model where changes are implemented, offering a time-saving solution for dynamic user interfaces.
With Vue.js and Nuxt, you can build server-side rendering (SSR) apps faster. As a result, you can count on better SEO and improved user experience.

Vue.js development is a proven choice in many industries

Order tracking systems, barcode scanning, automatic route planning
Inventory management, ERP systems, factory surveillance software
Real estate
Property management apps, augmented reality showing apps, lead nurturing software
Stock management systems, order management software, barcode scanning
Online shops, CRM systems, order management systems
Online marketplaces, CRM systems, payment gateway integrations
Online educational platforms, ERP apps for schools and colleges, self-coaching apps
Reservation systems, hotel management software, hotel guest apps
Navigation systems, connected car systems, autonomous car software

Apps for our clients based on our Vue.js services

Real estate app
We implemented a custom calculator that enables customers to determine the duration and final cost of a mortgage and then download this information as a PDF. Our client reused this calculator component in other web apps for their real estate agency. Additionally, we created an intuitive admin interface that enables real estate agents to add and edit content without the help of a technical team. The front end of the app is built with Vue.js services and the back end is built with Node.js. MongoDB is used to store data.
Hotel management software
We created a hotel management app to improve the experience of hotel guests and communication between guests and hotel managers. Tablets with the application installed are available in every room of our client’s hotel, giving guests access to a variety of information. Guests can browse the venue’s planned events or book additional services and contact hotel staff using in-app chat functionality. For this project, Vue.js web development was supported by Laravel and Bootstrap. We also integrated with third-party tools such as for messaging, Google Maps, WeatherMap, and Mailgun.
Multi-functional system for a student community
The main feature of this product is event management. The system supports two types of users with different access rights and available functionality: students can register and apply for events while admins can create events, approve applications, manage student profiles, etc. We built this application with Vue.js, Typescript, GraphQL, and MS SQL.
What can Clockwise assist you with?
Vue.js services for building your application’s front end from scratch
Full-stack Vue.js web development powered by Node.js or Laravel(depending on your requirements)
Full-cycle web app development, from business analysis and design to programming,quality assurance, and further maintenance
Development of new features for your existing application
Testing, bug fixing, and further improvement to your web application

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Our team started to explore Vue.js right after its release back in 2014. We now work with the latest stable version available — Vue.js 2.6. Along with our expertise in Vue.js, we offer deep expertise in related technologies, ensuring the high quality of your end product.
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