Property management software development services

Build an effective tool to automate day-to-day business operations and improve workflow with property management software development service from a skilled development team.
Proptech software development
services we provide
Product discovery
If you plan to develop a software solution but don’t know where to start
Our team can help you research competitors in your niche, analyze the viability of creating a product from scratch, prove your idea’s feasibility, and create a roadmap to bring your product to life. As a result, you will get everything you need for smooth and effective custom real estate software development.
End-to-end product
If you need complete product development from scratch
We can create tailor-made software, releasing an MVP first so you can see the results for your business and then continue to build full-fledged software, ensuring it matches users’ needs.
IT staff
If you need to extend your team with individual developers or hire an entire delivery team
Strengthen your team with autonomous and proactive software developers and other specialists who have proven expertise in proptech development to fulfill your project needs.

We know how to improve your property management processes

Our goal is to help you get an effective property management software solution to make your work easier. We understand the daily obstacles of real estate businesses and can build tailor-made software from scratch to cover all your needs.
Automated day-to-day operations
Looking for a way to reduce time spent on repetitive daily tasks? Our custom proptech software development services help businesses automate property management operations, reduce human errors, and free up employees’ time for more impactful tasks.

Types of properties you can manage with tailor-made software

Managing different types of properties requires different functionality. As a real estate software development company, we are aware of the nuances of building property management software for diverse needs. We can help you build software for managing the following:
Residential real estate
We can assist you in rental property management software development, covering all aspects of operating residential property, including sale and lease management, customer relationship management, maintenance and repairs tracking, and accounting. Build an app that is convenient for property managers, agents, landlords, and tenants.
Commercial real estate
We have experience building solutions for commercial real estate developers that help with leasing, property inventory, maintenance tracking, space use management, and other tasks related to overseeing commercial properties. Our team can create a system that fully covers your business needs and automates daily operations.
Industrial real estate
Our team helps property managers and owners of industrial property optimize operational processes in handling warehouses, distribution facilities, manufacturing buildings, and other industrial spaces. We build custom software according to a client’s specific requirements to ensure that it meets all operational needs.
Special-purpose real estate
We offer proptech development services for managing special-purpose buildings, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, theaters, and museums. Leverage our expertise to build software that covers all tasks related to special-purpose real estate management and ensures property safety and accessibility.
Tourism accommodation
Ensure smooth cooperation among your employees and a seamless customer experience with a custom system for managing hotels, hostels, and other tourism accommodation. We help to build software with functionality for reservations and room service management, housekeeping, accounting, and other hotel management-related activities.
Homeowners’ associations
We provide software development services for homeowners’ associations to build tools that help homeowners cooperate and handle property management tasks. Our team can create custom applications that streamline accounting, homeowner communication, maintenance tracking, meeting scheduling, reporting, and other HOA management activities.

We know how to deliver value to every user

Custom real estate software solutions should be convenient for several groups of users. We consider the different needs of property managers, real estate agents, landlords, and other software users, ensuring they find everything needed to solve their problems.
For real estate agents & brokers
  • All customers’ information in one place
  • Property inspection and appraisal scheduling
  • Listings customization tool
  • Property showings schedule
  • Quick and easy lease agreement drafting and signing
For property managers
  • Maintenance tracking and management in one module
  • Accounting module for tracking collections and payments
  • Tenant management module
  • Quick vendor transactions
  • Reporting and analytics module
For tenants
  • Automated in-app payments
  • Channel for communicating with property managers and landlords
  • Convenient notification system
  • Functionality for creating maintenance and repair requests
  • Quick lease agreement signing and renewal
For landlords & homeowners
  • Notification and announcements channel
  • In-app communication portals
  • Finance tracking module
  • Repairs and architectural change request management module

Why choose us for proptech development

With a tailored approach and experience in real estate property management software development, the Clockwise Software team can help you choose the optimal solution for your business and build a product that fully meets your needs.
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Proptech MVP development process breakdown

Product discovery
A discovery team forms a product vision, prepares requirements for the entire project lifecycle, defines app architecture, and estimates the timeline and budget for custom property management software development.
UI/UX design
We design your app interface and create a software prototype to ensure its easy adoption by users and adherence to project requirements.
MVP implementation
A development team builds a minimum viable product (MVP) according to product requirements formed in the discovery stage.
QA engineers test your software for property management, checking each piece of functionality individually and together and identifying and resolving software defects.
DevOps specialists use best practices, including CI/CD techniques, for easier and faster software releases and deploy new pieces of functionality to make them available for users.
Further iterative development
Our property management software development company will maintain your released app, address users’ feedback, and implement new features to ensure software’s stable performance and efficiency.
Our real estate software projects
Real estate management analytics platform
Web platform for real estate managers simplifying their routine tasks by:
automatically extracting data from real estate websites
effortlessly filtering and searching properties in the database
tracking statuses on each property in the pipeline
Other projects
Property management software
Web and mobile subscription-based application for landlords to gather rent, communicate with tenants and manage property documentation.
Auction marketplace
A platform connecting property owners and buyers, enabling owners to put houses up for auction and letting potential buyers offer their own price for the house.
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Our toolset

These are the proven technologies, tools, and services that help us build world-class property management solutions.

  • Design:
    • Figma

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

    • AfterEffects

    • Invision

  • Frontend:
    • React

    • Vue.js

    • Angular

    • Redux

    • Next.js

  • Backend:
    • Node.js

    • Laravel

  • Mobile:
    • React Native

    • Ionic

  • Infrastructure:
    • AWS

    • Docker

    • Google Cloud

    • Azure

What our client says

Tanner Markley
CEO of StoneBay
Texas, USA
We find it impressive that they’re always willing to try new things to develop our vision.

Clockwise Software is a well-maintained app development company — we can easily tell that their leadership is great. That’s evident in how the team communicates with us and how they attend to our requests. By making the complex simple, and following through with execution, gives us the confidence to explore further.

Building a web application takes methodical discipline coupled with technical proficiency. This team has that ability and consistently delivers. We find it impressive that they’re always willing to try new things to develop our vision.

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