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How to Build Babysitting App Like Uber: Our Experience, Challenges & Tips

How to build your own Uber for babysitters and succeed? We share 5 steps you should follow to release a babysitting app both parents and nannies will love

Time and Cost to Develop a Website Like eBay in 2023

Want to launch a bidding website? In our article, you’ll find out how to build an auction website like eBay and how much it may cost.

Why to convert your marketplace in a white-label service and how to make it happen?

Launching white-label services is a great additional revenue stream for almost any type of digital business. In this article, we focus on white-label marketplaces: what are the benefits of such side business, how to build one, how much does it cost to launch a service, etc.

7 Ways to Raise Funds for Online Marketplace Startup

The popularity of marketplaces keeps rising and this is one of the desirable niches to start a business. Find out how to raise funds to take your ideas to life and launch your own successful marketplace startup.

All You Should Know about Building a Freelancer Marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork

Millions of specialists worldwide switch from traditional employment to freelancing; thousands of huge enterprises and small startups are interested in cooperation with freelancers. Do you know how to make your profit from this fact? Let’s build an awesome freelance marketplace together!

6 Ways to Solve the Chicken and Egg Problem for a Marketplace Startup

To make your marketplace grow, you need to work hard to attract both sellers and buyers. But how to attract buyers when there are no sellers and vice versa? It’s called the chicken and egg problem and we prepared a report on how to deal with it in a quick and effective way.

How to Create an App like Wish and Make it Thrive?

Would you like to raise a company worth more than 10 billion dollars? Of course, who wouldn’t! Let’s learn from world e-commerce leaders and find out how to build an app as prosperous as Wish marketplace

Why to Build a Two-Sided Marketplace: Benefits and Challenges

Marketplace business model is very attractive nowadays. But running such a company isn't a piece of cake! If you want to avoid the most widespread pitfalls -read this article carefully. We give you a few valuable insights

All You Need to Know to Launch a Scalable Peer-To-Peer Marketplace

Developing a peer-to-peer marketplace allows you to break into the IT industry without actually creating unique products or providing your own services. Find out how a P2P marketplace works, how to attract users to your platform, and how to build a successful peer-to-peer marketplace from scratch.

How to Choose Marketplace Business Model? Etsy and eBay Business Models

Marketplaces are definitely the business model of the future. But how do marketplace businesses earn money? We have analyzed the most popular monetization models and are ready to share. Find out how do Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and Airbnb generate their income.

How to Create an Online Marketplace Like Etsy: An Extensive Guide

Etsy is a successful marketplace and many aim to copy the business model and build their own multi-million business similar to Etsy. We have created a detailed guide to replicate this success. Besides, we give an estimation of costs to develop a marketplace like Etsy

E-Commerce Marketplace development trends in 2023

E-commerce, and particularly marketplaces, is one of the most rapidly changing industries. It quickly adopts the latest technologies and is one of the trendsetters for other industries as well. How will marketplaces change in 2023? There are some surprises in for you!

How to Build an Online Marketplace in 2023: Core Features & Cost Estimate

Got an idea for an online platform? Read our detailed guide on how to create an online marketplace. and get the approximate development time and a cost estimate.

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