Mobile App for
a Food Tourism Startup

About the project

WijnSpijsis a food tourism startup in the Netherlands. The company organizes gastronomic experiences for guests all across the country with the help of two separate mobile applications: one for customers, the other one for restaurants.

Food Tourism Startup


WijnSpijs started developing their apps with another team and later decided to change software vendors. The Clockwise Software team offered the most effective food industry solution for quickly launching the startup and gaining traction, so our partnership began.
The primary tasks for our team were to:
  • update the app design according to current trends
  • rewrite the existing apps in the latest version of Ionic
  • develop core functionality including for user authentication
  • update the API to enable integration with partner apps
Food Tourism Startup


While developing the WijnSpijs apps, we had to meet the needs of two completely different audiences that take part in gastronomic tourism:
  • food tour visitors, who are usually tech-savvy and follow the latest trends
  • restaurant owners, who usually work in their own restaurants and don’t have much time to work with complex software

To reach these audiences, it was important to adjust the design of each app to meet users’ expectations. We designed a trendy food app for travelers and a simplistic app for restaurant owners.

Completely redesign both applications
Migrate from Ionic 2 to Ionic 3
Update the API

Features implemented

  • User sign-in and sign-up
  • Push notifications for both apps
  • Route building for customers
  • Restaurant list with the ability to add restaurants to favorites
  • Online purchases and integration with Dutch payment services
  • Processing of authentication requests with the new API
Technologies we used

As a result

Our client’s food app for travelers enables users to browse food tours, choose restaurants from a list, add restaurants to favorites, enter dietary preferences (vegan, gluten-free, etc.), buy tickets to food events and share events with friends, and rate restaurants and events.

The restaurant application allows restaurant staff to scan QR codes on tickets and helps restaurants manage the number of guests.


Project outcome

The Clockwise Software team took over development, enabling the WijnSpijs founder to focus on strategic decisions, partnerships, and business development. WijnSpijs targeted Amsterdam first. Today, it works all across the Netherlands and has expanded to Belgium.

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