Data Visualization Services to Fuel Your Business

With custom data visualization solutions, you can process tons of raw data, unveil hidden patterns, and start making grounded data-driven decisions.
A social media marketing analytics tool

What is data
visualization services?

Data visualization is the process of analyzing and visualizing large data streams from various sources. We take your data out of endless spreadsheets, lengthy audio streams, massive text corpora, and third-party software and present it in the form of user-friendly diagrams, charts, graphs, interactive maps, and visual stories.

Learn from your dashboard
and make data-driven decisions

The main benefits of data visualization functionality:
Follow the progress over time
Moving your numbers from a spreadsheet to a chart gives you an understanding of your progress. Whether you’re analyzing your company’s revenue, engagement with social media posts, or changes in body weight, a dashboard makes things clear and lets you compare invested efforts with actual results.
Reveal relationships
Your progress depends not just on the number of hours you work on your project or the budget you allocate to it. Sometimes, the reasons for progress or regress hide much deeper. Smart data processing and customized dashboards help you reveal hidden dependencies affecting your project’s success. This can give you an advantage and help you to beat competitors that keep looking solely at numbers.
Discover your target audience
If you do everything right, you can create a product with your ideal customer in mind. But a deeper analysis of actual purchases and visual analytics of demographic data may reveal a sad truth — you’re targeting the wrong audience. The good news is that thanks to data visualization services, you can adjust your offer to your truly interested audience and sell more.
Plan future activities
A brief look at a graph in your data visualization software can give you more insights into scaling options than hours spent with spreadsheet reports. Focusing on your goals, you can use interactive dashboards to better understand your capabilities, plan future activities, and allocate the needed budget. With data visualization, your predictions become more exact.
Analyze possible risks
Dashboards are another great assistant in risk management. By assessing historical data, you are able to identify the vulnerability of your critical assets to internal or external events. And by analyzing market changes as well as local and global impacts on your industry, you can identify risks and create an action plan for each occurrence.

Types of data visualization you can implement in your application

No matter what industry your business operates in, you have to deal with tons of data. By creating a custom dashboard, you can evaluate the information that truly matters and represent it in a form that makes sense for your specific case.
We analyze your requirements and expectations to help you get the most insights out of available data. These are the types of data visualizations your software can benefit from:
Column chart
to compare different sets of data and their growth
Line graph
to reveal trends, progress, and changes over time
Pie chart
to show how individual categories constitute one static number
Bubble chart
to represent relationships between different data categories
Scatter plot
to analyze the correlation between variables
to visualize dependency of information on geolocation
Column chart
to compare different sets of data and their growth
Line graph
to reveal trends, progress, and changes over time
Pie chart
to show how individual categories constitute one static number
Bubble chart
to represent relationships between different data categories
All this visually represented data can be downloaded, shared, or exported to other software. The potential functionality depends solely on your organization’s requirements.
The variety of data visualization types enables us to find solutions even to the most specific queries.

Types of apps that can benefit from data visualization services

Data is a by-product of all business processes. Analyzing data and acting on it can bring your organization to a new level. If you’re already using some kind of software for your corporate needs, you can empower it with custom dashboards that matter for your business.
Otherwise, creating an internal app based on data visualization and analysis may be a strategic decision. Or maybe providing data visualization services for other businesses is what you wish to do?
Social media marketing apps
Digital analytics platforms
CRM software
ERP systems
Logistics and supply chain software
Stock and order management systems
Business intelligence platforms
Online marketplace apps

Data visualization services we provide

Data visualization platform development is our core expertise at Clockwise Software. We provide various services according to your specific business requirements.
Discovery phase for data visualization software
You have an app idea and want to validate its viability before investing in it.
No matter the type of application or the industry, you need a detailed plan to launch your product. With a discovery phase, you get idea validation, a risk assessment and mitigation plan, your app prototype, and a precise estimate of the app development cost and duration.
Data visualization platform development from scratch
You have an idea for an application but lack the skills to build it.
In this case, we can take over product development and own the process from idea to release. An assigned team of skilled engineers, designers, and business analysts led by a project manager will make sure your end product meets your expectations and satisfies market needs.
Staff augmentation with data visualization experts
You need to extend the expertise of your core team timely.
We are ready to empower existing product development teams with our strong expertise in building interactive dashboards. Our software developers can join your engineering team to design and build effective data visualization modules within different types of business software.

Our proven toolset

for data visualization software

  • D3.js

  • Chart.js

  • Echarts

  • Three.js

  • CanvasJS

  • JSCharting

  • Highcharts

  • amCharts

  • Google Charts

  • ZingChart

  • Chartkick

  • ApexCharts

  • ZoomCharts

You have data.
Clockwise Software helps you learn from it.

Our data visualization software developers have implemented tailor-made dashboards in numerous projects. They serve different purposes but have one thing in common — they use visual analytics to give insights into specific problems and help find effective solutions and growth paths
SMM Platform for a Marketing Agency
An all-in-one platform to launch marketing campaigns and analyze their performance
Sparrow Charts
Social media marketing analytics tool
Heads Up
A health tracking app for patients and doctors
Environmental Startup
Data visualization based on audio streams from rainforests


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