How we work

Releasing a strong product requires a lot of work. It starts with brainstorming an idea, completing a proper business analysis, then designing and developing an application, and finally ends with product support and further scaling. But this doesn’t mean that you have to hire a contractor for each phase. Clockwise Software is your all-in-one partner for product development.

The workflow we have developed during our 4+ years of being a successful software development studio is our key to achieving goals together with our clients.


Introductory call to get the most value from personal communication

Professionals involved:

Business analyst, project manager

All our clients are potential unicorns, and during the introductory call we analyze the prospects of the idea and determine how our company can help to achieve them.

During this call, our potential client receives objective feedback on their idea. Our experienced business analyst points out any gaps or weaknesses in the plan to prevent arbitrary decisions. He usually investigates market and competitors to understand the idea’s potential.

Stage outcome:

Contract for the first sprint.

Solution design phase to find the optimal path for product development

Professionals involved:

Business analyst, project manager, designer, developer.

The central aim of the solution design phase is to discover the pain point of potential users and find the most efficient way to solve it with the product.

This research allows us to minimize risks associated with the development of a product that doesn’t match market needs. In addition, this stage allows us to estimate the budget for future development.

Stage outcome:

market research, competitors research, buyer personas, mockups for the future design/prototype of the app’s architecture, price estimation.

Minimum viable product to get user feedback

Professionals involved:

Project manager, business analyst, designer, developer, QA engineer

After analyzing the users’ problem we focus on solving this problem in the fastest and easiest way possible. The aim of a minimum viable product (MVP) is to start receiving real user feedback as quickly as possible. This is the only way to find out if there is the need for your solution.

An MVP is a tool for gathering validated information about the market, typical use cases, and user habits. This proven data enables us to build a product that users love and are ready to pay for.

Stage outcome:

MVP with a core feature

Further product development and scaling

Professionals involved:

project manager, marketing manager, business analyst, developer, QA engineer

Working with user feedback results in developing minimum marketable features (MMFs) that bring real value to the users, generate revenue and increase traction. A really good product never stops developing and growing. However, it is crucial to track analytics and work with usage data to develop the product in the right direction.

At this stage, the importance of marketing and business analysis increases dramatically. Experienced professionals assist you in understanding the real expectations of your target audience and help you satisfy them with the right features. Building a high-end product is a never-ending process.

Stage outcome:

A/B testing, design improvement, new features, analytics tracking, new users, increased revenue, etc.

This is what our workflow looks like. However, our team is flexible and ready to adjust the working process to your current needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us - our managers will be your personal advisors for any tech or business-related questions.

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