SMM Platform for a Marketing Agency

A social media marketing analytics tool
The platform is a social media marketing tool aimed to streamline everyday tasks in a marketing agency.
Marketing & Advertising
Time frame:
October 2020 – In Progress

Project background

A leading Australian social media marketing agency, Attention Experts, used a number of SaaS tools over the years to organize their workflow. During all that time, they had to adjust their internal processes to accommodate limited software functionality. Yet they still faced challenges: a laborious process for creating marketing campaigns, a lack of data analytics, and a complex content approval process. To simplify their everyday tasks, the agency’s founder decided to build software with custom functionality and came to us with this request.

The initial idea was to build an all-in-one solution for marketers and their clients, aimed at handling the above-mentioned challenges. With such a tool at hand, Attention Experts owners could be sure that the content created on their behalf would attract a loyal community, foster brand awareness, and lead to increased profits.

While our client’s tool was initially created for internal use, it can later be improved to become a commercial product that meets the needs of SMM companies.

Project background

We started work on the project with a kick-off meeting.

The Attention Experts founder shared their needs and ideas, and together, we defined two critical goals:
  1. Meet internal needs of the Attention Experts team by improving the content approval process for the agency’s projects as well as for clients
  2. Create a SaaS product that will help other SMM agencies solve similar problems
Project background
Challenges & Solutions
With these requirements, we started working on software design and development.
Short time to market. Our client wanted to release the internal version of the software as soon as possible. They looked for feedback of first adopters to validate their idea and proceed with MVP development of a SaaS product.
Conducted a discovery phase. We started the project with a discovery phase that allowed us to clearly understand end users’ requirements and prioritize features. By focusing on crucial functionality, we managed to reduce the time to market.
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High-Level Architecture

As the marketing tool processes data from corporate social media accounts of multiple clients and has access to sensitive information, data security was a high priority. In this diagram, you can see how we used technology to solve our client’s business needs.
This is how we protected data on the platform:
All user accounts are secured by 2FA and accessed with security tokens
Separate IAM users are applied to CI/CD and application servers to ensure granular access to required resources
Each token used is related to a specific IAM user that has no access to the AWS website
MySQL and Redis databases are not publicly available and can be accessed only from application clusters they belong to
User files are stored in Amazon S3 so they aren’t publicly accessible and can be viewed only with short-living access tokens
Environment variables and builds are stored in separate private S3 buckets
All tokens of users’ social accounts are encrypted before storing them in the database so that nobody can obtain sensitive information even in the event of a data dump
The development environment is deployed on spot instances that are regularly revoked once a week or more frequently
The computing cluster is built to self-restore by launching new application servers to replace those that have stopped or failed health checks
Technologies we used

Project outcome

The social media marketing tool is now used within the client’s company. It allows SMM specialists to painlessly schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at once, publish stories on Instagram through the internal editor, work with Canva visuals inside the platform, and effortlessly approve content.

With the platform version developed by the Clockwise team, the Attention Experts founder was able to attract investors who are ready to support further product development.

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