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How to Create MVP for SaaS Startup

SaaS products are in high demand, so if you want to enter this market with your product, now is a great time. Building an MVP is an excellent way to start, validate your idea early, and put your product to market as soon as possible. Learn how to build a SaaS MVP and how much does it cost.
SaaS Development

How to Build a Website Like Airbnb & How Much Does it Cost

Airbnb started with empty credit cards and turned to a $38 billion worth platform. Get inspired by its story, find out about essential features and hidden tricks. Here you also learn how to build a viable marketplace like Airbnb and how much does it cost
Real Estate

The Role of a Software Architect on Your Team

Let's hack a structure of software development teams and talk about the software architect’s role and responsibilities. Who is this specialist, and why do you need to hire one? Find answers in the article.
Software product development

How to Choose a Software Development Company for Your Product

What crucial decisions a startup founder should make? Choosing a reliable software development outsourcing company is definitely one of them. Discover how to find a trustworthy team and what challenges may appear on your way.
Software product development

TOP Logistic Tech Startups & Companies You Should Follow in 2024

Logistics is an industry that needs innovations. Successful businesses aren't ready to invest in the development of modern and efficient solutions for their logistics departments. But startups are! We have reviewed top startups that innovate in logistics industry. They are worth following!

SaaS Architecture Best Practices & Key Concepts

Software as a service app architecture is a significant topic for your SaaS business. Dive into this article and learn about key concepts, patterns, and factors that may impact your app architecture and five lessons about successful architectural decisions.
SaaS Development

Outsource Web Development Guide: Tips, Benefits & Costs

Ever wonder how web development outsourcing can upgrade your business? Take a look at the benefits of outsourcing for your business, find out how to start a collaboration with the experienced tech team, and get a chance to save your time, money, and energy.

How to Build Single Page Application and Succeed in 2024

What is a single-page application? This type of app fits all website content within one page. Single-page apps offer a smooth user experience and reduce loading time. But how are they developed? The answer is in this article.
Web App Development

SaaS Vs PaaS Vs IaaS: Understanding the Cloud Computing Landscape

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS: What’s the difference, and how to choose? In this article, you’ll learn about three main types of cloud computing services, what they have in common, what distinguishes them, and what service is the best choice for you.
SaaS Development

Cloud Vs SaaS Application: What's the Difference?

Learning about the IT industry and ways to deliver your future app is impossible without considering SaaS vs Cloud. Below, you can take a look at the basic facts you need to be aware of and decide on a better solution for your business
SaaS Development

How to Launch a SaaS Product and Succeed

What are the key steps in a SaaS product launch, and how can you enter the market with success? We share best practices in this article.
SaaS Development

How to Find App Partners to Develop a Successful Application

Successful app development partnership is your lifesaver in a world of intense competition and accelerated industry growth. Take a look at our tips on where and how to find a partner you’ll be proud to work with!
Mobile App Development

9 Risks in Software Development and How to Mitigate Them

Get acquainted with the most common risks in software development and discover tried-and-tested strategies on how to reduce them based on our own experience.
Software Development

What is a SaaS Business Model and How Does It Work?

Ever wondered about the SaaS business model? Uncover its benefits and find inspiration to start your own SaaS business.
SaaS Development

What Generative AI Means for Business Leaders Right Now

What does generative AI mean for businesses? How can you start using this technology? And what changes should you expect in roles and responsibilities across your organization after implementing AI? Read this article to understand generative AI meaning.

Web Application Development Costs in 2024: Discovering the True Estimations

What impacts on web app development cost? In our guide you can find out how much it might cost you to build a web app & what factors affect it.
Web App Development