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The cross-platform approach is well known for its development speed. At the same time, native applications provide top-notch performance. React Native combines the best of both worlds: faster development with the “learn once, write everywhere” approach and an exceptional native look and feel.

Why choose React Native development for your mobile product?

Efficient team composition

With a native approach, you need two separate teams to work on iOS and Android apps. With React Native, a single JavaScript team can handle both mobile platforms and a web application.

Code reusability

iOS and Android products built from scratch with React Native share up to 95% of the codebase, reducing platform-specific development costs by 50%.

Native performance

Unlike hybrid solutions, React Native apps render to native platform UIs and run in a JavaScript runtime environment, ensuring native-like performance.

Supported by Facebook

React Native is created and supported by Facebook. Instagram, Ads Manager, and other applications owned by Facebook use React Native.

Specifics of native development with React

Enables hot reloading for fast revisions
Hot reloading allows you to immediately apply changes to a project and makes debugging faster and more effective.
Can be adopted incrementally
It’s not necessary to rewrite an existing iOS or Android application in order to use React Native. It can be used simply to speed up the release cycle for new features.
Allows you to transfer app logic from/to your web project
Using web technologies for mobile apps allows you to share logic across platforms, which mean faster development times, earlier launches, and leaner budgets.
Offers a native look and feel on any platform
Apps using React Native can achieve a native look and feel by implementing native controls and having direct access to operating system and hardware features.

React Native development services are a perfect match for various industries

Order traking systems, barcode scanning, automatic, route planning
Inventory management, ERP system, factory surveillance software
Real estate
House management apps, augmented reality showing apps, lead nurturing software
Stock management systems, order management software, barcode scanning
Online shops, CRM systems, order management systems
Online marketplaces, CRM systems, payment gateways integrations
Internet of Things
Smart home, smart factory systems, connected medical devices
Reservation systems, hotel management software, hotel guests apps
Navigation systems, connected car systems, autonomous cars software

React Native mobile apps we’ve developed for our clients

App for mental fitness - Mobile app for iOS/Android platforms for a UK-based startup. The product offers a broad set of bite-sized exercises, audio and video content, various reminders, and tracking progress features.
Online betting platform - Abetting app for iOS and Android devices. Along with traditional bets, each user can create an express bet, betting on a few games with a chance to multiply the prize depending on the coefficient.
What do we offer?
React Native app development for iOS and Android
Full-cycle product development from scratch including business analysis, design, app development, and quality assurance
A dedicated team of developers to work on your mobile app and integrate it with web or desktop software
Migration from other hybrid technologies (Ionic, Cordova, NativeScript) or native code to React Native
Support and maintenance of existing cross-platform applications

Why choose Clockwise Software as your React Native development company?

Our team is constantly researching new technologies related to React Native app development to create the best cross-platform experience possible.

Clockwise Software is the perfect match for React Native development

Our team is constantly improving their skills in React Native and related technologies to deliver the best software possible.
8 years
Our developers have been using React Native since the initial release
One-stop shop
We provide mobile and web development.
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We take a tailored approach to each project

Our flexible roadmap includes:
Business analysis
Requirements definition
Budget optimization
MVP development and launch
Further product development in short iterations
Product support and maintenance
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