Design trends in 2022. To dare or not to dare?

Jul 21, 2022·7 min read

Blindly following the latest design trends might be risky, just as sticking to your 10 years old interface. Let's discuss the fashion in web and mobile design and take a look at how some of the modern artists see the future of digital.


Everyone wants his website or app to look like the latest web design trends. However, blindly following trends is also a great risk.

For example, a new stylish Gap logo nearly caused a disaster. The wrong buyer persona definition has cost Gap millions of dollars. This sad example should encourage you to analyze your current situation before pursuing trends!

When is it worth following the latest app design trends?

  • Websites, apps, or posters that expire within a short time. Designs for any type of events, marketing campaigns should be stylish and catch attention.
  • Any businesses targeting younger audiences, such as fashion brands, youth magazines, cafes, interior design brands, etc. Young people are always up for trends. They make emotional decisions and stylish designs can help your brand stand out among others.

When should you think twice before implementing the latest trends in your web app design?

  • Large and complex applications, such as banking apps, corporate software, logistics systems, etc. User experience should be your number one priority in such applications. Modern designs can confuse users and cause misunderstandings.
  • Software designed for long-time usage with limited (or no) budget for future improvements, such as government institutions websites, social media, large branding projects (for example, country brands), etc.
  • Any businesses targeting adult audiences. They prefer simple intuitive interfaces that they are already used to. Any modern gestures or stylish elements may cause confusion.

If you are open to experiments, this article will be your most extensive source of inspiration. We have gathered the best works that illustrate web design trends  2022.

Striving for simplicity and cleanliness

Nothing new under the sun. Web app design has always been about making the user interactions simpler and more intuitive.

A plain and clean design doesn’t mean less work. It isn’t cheaper either. Simplicity often requires much more effort and expense. However, it is definitely worth the result.

Light colors and minimalistic forms often reveal drawbacks that are usually hidden behind a plethora of elements. So, when aiming for simplicity and cleanliness, make sure that your web designer can cope with this task.

User interface app design

by Paolo Spazzini


design trends 2019


by Outcrowd
by Vartika Mishra

web design trends 2019

design trend

By Qinglu Guo

Flat illustrations, distorted proportions, unusual angles

Saturated colors combined with light backgrounds? Yes!

Distorted proportions of persons and objects? Why not?

Surprising your users with unexpected fresh solutions is one of the main trends of the coming year. Trendy graphic design catches attention and makes your website visitors excited to see more!

illustration trends 2019

By Tran Mau Tri Tam

illustration trends

By Yukai Du

By Yukai Du

3D illustrations

Three-dimensional pictures are becoming more and more popular. 

3D illustrations give your website visitors the feeling that they are seeing a bit more than usual.

Satisfy their curiosity with 3D illustrations - your website or app will definitely be among the trendsetters of your industry.


By NastPlas ™

By Antoni Tudisco

Text logo

Logos will also tend toward simplicity. Complicated graphical elements and illustrations are already far behind.

Instead, sophisticated fonts and light flat symbols are gaining popularity. Minimalism as one of the main graphic design trends 2022!

logo design trends

By Eddie Lobanovskiy and Nathan Riley

By Paul von Excite and Ibnu Mas'ud

More interaction

Users like to receive responses to their actions. Animation during page scroll and other user actions, such as color changes upon hover, make the user feel more confident when using your web app.

Besides, their curiosity will make them click, scroll or hover over as many elements as possible just to see more of your sophisticated animation!

By Leo Natsume

By Zak Steele-Eklund

By Minh Pham

Extraordinary photo ideas

Experiment with photo settings or post-production to achieve the WOW factor. Unexpected angles, atypical colors, and surrealistic pictures force website visitors to stop and stare for a while.

By additive studios



Still life experiments

How to advertise an ordinary product in an extraordinary way? Go for 3D illustrations, animation, or photo shooting in a completely unusual environment. Such still life pictures are both catchy and inspiring!

By JVG ™

By Carlo Sa

Remarkable typography

Allow for experiments with font styles and font sizes, text positioning, distortion, etc. Let your users identify your brand’s style!

By Jonathan Minnor


By Team Manila Graphic Design Studio


These are the most notable design trends of the coming year.

To dare or not to dare? This is the question only the business itself can answer. Analyze your niche, think of your target audience, set your goals and then decide how you can achieve them with the design.

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