Design trends in 2023. To dare or not to dare?

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Design trends in 2023. To dare or not to dare?
Design trends in 2023. To dare or not to dare?
Blindly following the latest design trends might be risky, just as sticking to your 10 years old interface. Let's discuss the fashion in web and mobile design and take a look at how some of the modern artists see the future of digital.
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When working on a new software product, design is probably not the first thing on your mind.

You pay much attention to your software development team structure, discuss with the engineering team the nuances of web apps architecture, and learn about the relevant web development trends.

But striving for seamless functionality, you also have to take care of the appearance of the application, so you may start your research of design rules and read the latest guidelines. Following them may be sufficient to create a working design. However, will your design be unique? Will it match the mood of your end users and reflect the tendencies in your target market — or even the whole world? Will it give users the feeling that they’re interacting with the latest product?

Probably not, since you’ve built the discovery and design stage of your mobile app development process around rules and guidelines but neglected the latest design trends. 

Following design trends always has two sides:

  • Positive
    You show users that your product or service is relevant here and now. We feel positive emotions when we’re using modern and fashionable products.
  • Negative
    Trends become outdated fast, and you need to regularly update your product’s appearance. Otherwise, your once trendy design may cause the opposite effect.

At Clockwise Software, we have identified several industries in which it’s crucial to be on top of the latest design trends:

  • Technology
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Real estate

Neglecting the trends in design may become one of the large product roadmapping mistakes. In the mentioned industries, customers value the fancy and exclusive. At the same time, they like the feeling of belonging to something cutting-edge and trendsetting. These emotions are awakened through the implementation of contemporary design.

If you carefully research your audience and think through the appealing design in the initial stages of product creation, implementing the trends won't influence the software development cost much. 

The essence of trends is that they reflect the situation and people’s lives at a given point in time. Events of recent years have brought up feelings of isolation, the struggle to express oneself, questions about freedom of choice, and contemplation on the fragility of circumstances. And they have all found their expression in the latest design trends. Let’s analyze those trends together!

Current design trends in 2023

We will review the most notable trends in web and mobile app design and product branding. However, these trends also apply to non-digital products such as packaging and printed media.

Big, dynamic typography

An interesting font or the right combination of a few brave fonts can become a catchy accent or completely replace an image. We’ve gone so far into minimalism that the text not only serves to convey information but also performs a decorative role and creates first impressions. Interesting font combinations attract attention as well as a beautiful picture. Animations and/or flashy colors can enhance the effect, guaranteeing your text will be read.

Design trends typography

Furniture Shop Web Site Design: Landing Page / Home Page UI by Sajon

Dynamic typography in web design

Portfolio by Daniel Spatzek

Trendy typography design

Off-School website design by Ruslan Siiz

By putting fonts in the center of your web design, you share the vibe of courage and self-confidence.


Gradients have been trending for more than a year. However, now the fashion is shifting towards restrained, smooth, clean gradients reminiscent of a blur effect. The most popular colors for these purposes are inspired by nature: crystals, water, soil, a starry sky. The shape of the gradient fill itself also matters — the trend is to use gradients in the shape of a distorted oval.

orbit unused logo

Orbit logo by Oleg Coada

time line for natural app

Time line for Natural app by Gleb Kuznetsov

chroma grainy gradient textures vol2

Chroma Grainy Gradient Textures by kuro

Mix of 2D and 3D

It seems that designers have already played enough in 2D and 3D and have found a continuation of the theme in combining the two. Juggling shapes looks fresh and opens up new possibilities.

google — password manager

Google Password Manager by Jarratt Moody and Chris Kelly

scooters, scooters everywhere

Scooters, Scooters Everywhere by bitfuel

Top digital design trends

Stay Home, Stay Positive by GRAMM

Animated onboarding

Animated onboarding for Altrüus Gifting app by Iggy Paul for Zajno

Unusual micro-animations

Animated scrolling, headings, and pictures won’t surprise anyone. These animations have become so familiar that we hardly pay attention to them. To stand out now, a thoughtful, original animation is used for elements that should involve the user, such as a CTA or certain storytelling elements like arrows, buttons, logos, and links.

type hype

Type Hype platform design by Massive Assembly

task manager responsive dashboard design

Task manager responsive dashboard design by Taras Migulko

mobile app animated interactions

Mobile app animated interactions by Outcrowd

Frames or a visible grid

Integrating frames into your design gives it organization and order. Grid borders can replace images entirely or complement them.

quiosque lisboa

Quiosque Lisboa by Ruslan Siiz

web site design landing page home page ui

Web site design: landing page, home page, UI by Halo UI/UX

female faces

Female Faces website design by Loonatiks Design Crew


Scrolling is used as a tool for directing the user’s attention, as directed by the designer. The screen is seen as a stage on which the content performs: it appears at the right moment and in the right place, making browsing a site or application exciting. This is called scrollytelling.


Japanese Style Shop website design by Siavash Ghanbari for Kettle Studio

nftie product page interaction

NFTiE product page interaction by Taras Migulko for emote_agency


Bookly library app design by Kristina Spiridonova for Purrweb UI/UX Agency

Hand-drawn illustrations

Custom hand-drawn illustrations specifically for your purposes will not leave anyone indifferent. They look good both static and animated. You can also try combining them with photos.

feed the 3oo

Feed the 3oo website design by Maxim Aksenov and Evgeniya Dyupina

u study landing page interaction design

U Study landing page interaction design by Taras Migulko

Crystal-inspired design

You can be inspired by everything about crystals: their color, shape, texture, reflection, transparency. As a result, your product will reflect purity and value.

mural website design by milkinside

Mural website design by Gleb Kuznetsov for Milkinside

glassy gradients - bubbles

Glassy Gradients - N°1 "Bubbles" by Roman Bratschi

Acid and bright colors

Be bold — use bright colors or color combinations so your design remains in the user’s memory for a long time.

yannick gregoire

Yannick Gregoire's portfolio by Loonatiks Design Crew

a cinema ticketing app concept

A cinema ticketing app concept by Paweł Olszak

Photos cropped in an unusual shape

Photographs still carry an important value, serving as a source of information. However, everyone is tired of the typical rectangular images. Experiment with the form and you will win.

E-commerce web app with unusual photo cropping

Parfois e-commerce website design by Lisa Kiseleva

design trends in 2019

Riginos Yachts website design by Kommigraphics


Neureka's annual business report design by Kukuh Andik

As you can see, trends do not limit you but rather set the mood for creativity. Everyone will find something for themselves in these trends, whether you’re running a serious business or an entertainment platform.

Of course, e-commerce and marketplace development trends will differ much from healthcare trends, and copying some stylish applications' designs won't bring you the expected results. Think carefully about your goals and consult a professional software design and development team to create a clear roadmap to achieve them.

Digital design trends change over time and you can't expect to create an application that will charm users for years ahead. Designs express ideas, feelings, moods, and current situations in the world, which naturally change over time. 
Follow the trends and carefully implement the chosen solutions in your app interface. 
Which trends in digital design will match your app?
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