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Ionic is the number one solution for startups at the MVP stage. It allows you to simultaneously build applications for multiple platforms using only web technologies. Reusing code enables you to quickly prove your concept and make frequent iterations even with a tight budget.

Reasons to choose Ionic for your app

Use web technologies to build a mobile app

Ionic was initially based on Angular. But with Ionic 4+, you can build a mobile app using React and Vue.js as well.

Reuse your web app code

If you have an existing web application, you can reuse much of the codebase to speed up mobile development.

Share one codebase across all platforms

An Ionic application can be built once and run smoothly on any device with minimal modifications.

Offer a near-native user experience

Even though it’s built with web technologies, an Ionic app feels like a real mobile application: it can be installed from an app store, has access to all native platform features, and looks just like a native app.

Specifics of Ionic app development

Built-in and custom components
Ionic provides a huge library of components you can customize. You can also create brand-new components if needed.
Platform-specific styles
Ionic uses modes to customize components according to the platform the app is used on. This helps you achieve a native-like user experience.
Live reloads
Ionic apps automatically reload in the browser or WebView when changes are detected. This enables faster development and easier testing.
When generated in the command-line interface, an Ionic application is automatically set up for unit testing and integration testing.

Ionic development services are a perfect match for various industries

Order traking systems, barcode scanning, automatic, route planning
Inventory management system, ERP system, factory surveillance software
Real estate
Property management projects, augmented reality showing apps, lead nurturing software
Stock management systems, order management software, barcode scanning
Cross-platform online shops, CRM systems, order management systems
Online marketplaces, CRM systems, payment gateways integrations
Internet of Things
Smart home, smart factory systems, connected medical devices
Reservation systems, hotel management software, hotel guests apps
Navigation systems, connected car systems, autonomous cars software

Ionic mobile apps we’ve developed for our clients

Toddy is an online marketplace for babysitters and young parents that we developed using Ionic. Native plugins enable the app to access smartphone features. We also integrated Toddy with the Australian payment gateway Pin Payments system.
WijnSpijs is a food tourism startup in the Netherlands. The company organizes gastronomical experiences for guests from different countries. The system we developed consists of two separate applications: one for guests and one for restaurants. Both are hybrid apps built with Ionic and Symfony (PHP).
An application for cafes and restaurants. The main aim is to allow customers to preorder drinks or dishes and pick them up at a defined time. Application users receive bonuses for online orders that can be used to get a free drink. This app was initially created for one cafe, but after realizing its potential, it was converted into a white-label app.
What do we offer?
Ionic mobile app development for Android and iOS
Migration to Ionic web development
Full-cycle product development including business analysis, design, app development, and quality assurance
A dedicated team of Ionic developers to work on your mobile app and integrate it with web or desktop software
Support and upgrades of released hybrid applications

Why choose Clockwise Software as your Ionic app development company?

Our developers have been using Ionic since its release in 2013. Currently, we work with the latest Ionic 5.x since it perfectly matches the market requirements for mobile apps. Deep expertise in other domains allows us to deliver effective solutions for any business.

One-stop-shop for mobile and web development

Ionic mobile app development
We build cross-platform mobile apps that run on any platform using only JavaScript — the most popular programming language in the world.
Ionic web development
Since Ionic code is reusable, we can carry out mobile and web development simultaneously, enabling us to release both web and mobile apps in the shortest time.
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We take a tailored approach to each project

At Clockwise Software, we involve various professionals in each project to achieve the best results. We’re ready to guide you through the following stages of product development:
Business analysis
Requirements definition
Budget optimization
MVP development and launch
Further product development in short iterations
Product support and maintenance
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