IT Staff Augmentation

Extend your development team and accelerate the engineering process. Cooperate with remote IT specialists using the IT staff augmentation software outsourcing model and move your project forward.
IT Staff Augmentation

The easiest way to accelerate your delivery

IT team augmentation allows you to effortlessly hire extra talents through a software development service provider. This model eliminates recruitment, HR, administrative, and legal tasks on your end, freeing up your time for business development and growth. Cut your time-to-hire and increase your development velocity.

With the IT team augmentation model, Clockwise Software takes responsibility for all staffing-related matters. We source and interview candidates, then provide you with pre-screened CVs of IT specialists with relevant skills. While we take care of retention, compensation, and benefits, you get the best talents on your team — fast.

When should you choose the IT staff augmentation model?

Staff augmentation is an alternative to on-site hiring. Choose this model to scale your existing team without investing in recruitment and hiring.

Why should you choose the IT staff augmentation model?

With IT staff augmentation, you can boost the productivity of your engineering team and experience many other benefits:
Team augmentation is a great way to accelerate tasks related to developing new functionality, rebuilding your app’s architecture, or migrating to another tech stack.
Delegate legal
and HR tasks
At Clockwise Software, we handle recruiting and legal tasks and cover all associated costs, provide office amenities, and ensure a comfortable workplace for new teammates, no matter if they work from home or from our office.
Scale your engineering team swiftly
IT team augmentation allows cutting average time-to-hire from forty days to five days.
Hire the best talents from around the globe
With the IT team augmentation model, you can integrate the best engineering talents into your team, work with experts from any location, and make your business stronger.
Optimize costs and allocate resources efficiently
IT team augmentation is the way to optimize your project development costs. Consequently, you can invest the money saved where it’s needed most: marketing, advertising, business development, or simply to get higher-quality code and more features.
What specialists can you hire with Clockwise Software?
team roles
Clockwise Software team roles
Software architects
Whether you need to create your app’s architecture and logic from scratch, build a new module for your existing software solution, rearrange the components of your application, migrate to the cloud, or alter the structure of your software system in any other way, you may need a skilled software architect on your team. Our software architects can help you define your software’s structure and logic as well as suggest the optimal technology solutions for implementing your app’s functionality.

Why work with us

10+ years on the
We’ve been delivering working code and awesome solutions since 2014. 90% of our current clients have stayed with us for more than two years.
There are more than 40 software engineers on the Clockwise Software team. However, if you need more specialists than are currently available, our skillful People Team is ready to find and hire the top talents for your project.
Expertise fueled by
More than 35% of Clockwise Software engineers have been working in the IT industry for over five years. We keep our finger on the pulse of technology trends and employ tried and tested tactics to write error-free code.
English skills
Clockwise Software team members speak English and are able to discuss work-related issues directly. Your project communication is always efficient.
Low turnover
Most software engineers work at Clockwise Software for three years or more. We’ve raised engineers from trainees to system architects in-house. We keep on hiring new IT experts while our dedicated specialists stay with us!
Minimum bureaucracy and maximum efficiency. Detailed agreements and clear security protocols. Clockwise Software can become your dependable IT team augmentation service provider for years.


How to augment your software development team?

Define your expectations
Are you starting a new project milestone? Or do you need to redesign your website, upgrade your app, or migrate to another technology stack? Think about what exactly you need and what specialists can help you with it.
Contact the company’s representative
Tell us about your project and specify which roles you expect to hire, and what sort of tasks you need to be covered.
Discuss the details
Join a meeting with our business development representative. Provide information about your business specifics and particular project needs. This will help to present the most relevant and skilled candidates.

Case studies

Check out projects we’ve contributed to as an IT staff augmentation service provider.
Heads Up
A health tracking app for patients and doctors
Sparrow Charts
Social media marketing analytics tool
Environmental Startup
Data visualization based on audio streams from rainforests
A white-label marketplace platform


Heiko Roth
Co-Founder, COO at Agilea Solutions
Nevada, USA
We’ve found a great team with good expertise and value. Clockwise Software has been able to plan a great project with a limited budget. They’ve adhered to that plan, making us trust their work in every sprint that we start with them. The team has been able to deliver and be cheerful and friendly despite being in the middle of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine — it’s been genuinely inspiring.
1 / 8

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