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AI technologies are here to revolutionize your operations, enhance the customer experience, strengthen your position in your industry, and help you optimize things you never even thought of.

These technologies are the keys to your organization’s data. By accessing it, you can build better products, provide better services, and better meet your customers’ needs.

We’re here to build an AI-based solution perfectly tailored to your needs.

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What can we do for you?

We’re not just engineers; we’re a team of strategists and analysts who know how to brainstorm and craft exceptional AI products. And we can cater to your needs in multiple ways:
AI solution integration
Large language models and generative AI tools can cost-effectively complement your existing SaaS product. With LLMs, you can establish a powerful product in the AI world as fast as possible. To make this happen, we select the right technologies and empower your software system with a suitable tool, ensuring smooth integration with and minimal disruption of your working software.
AI implementation consulting
We explore your unique business case and generate ideas, come up with development methods, consider strategies and technology options you can choose from to access the might of AI. Our consulting services will help you reach your desired results — both those you’re focused on and those you didn’t even know you could achieve — ensuring measurable outcomes and high ROI.
AI-based product development from scratch
From requirements elicitation to successful product launch, we take full responsibility for your custom AI product development and build the entire solution specifically for your needs from the first line of code. A team of experts with a solid background in AI solution development participate in the process, bring unique expertise to your business, and become your reliable advisors on your way to achieving business goals.

Our areas of expertise

AI and its subfields are capable of turning a regular software app into a smart assistant, an irreplaceable tool, and a source of insights.

Here at Clockwise Software, our experts focus on and have proven experience with six principal subfields of AI, and we’re here to help you solve tasks related to them:

Data analysis
By using the power of LLMs for your SaaS product, you can assess users’ interests and preferences and build clear, data-driven metrics to identify new business opportunities.
AI-driven automation
Less legwork, more brainwork: with AI, you can automate processes and tasks that require time and attention without sacrificing efficiency.
Natural language processing
LLM-powered software can comprehend human language and speech. With its help, you can speed up a variety of operations that involve content analysis, generation, and personalization.
Computer vision
Your software can derive data from images and videos. Even more, with the right implementation approach, your software can generate unique pieces of visual content based on your prompts.
Speech recognition
Convert speech to text, identify and verify speakers, translate speech on the go within a few clicks — we know how to make your software recognize human language and perform related tasks with the help of large language models.
Recommendation system engineering
Just as Netflix suggests the next show to watch, your software can suggest to your customers what to buy next. Using state of the art algorithms, you can promote, offer, and sell more relevant products and services to your customers.

AI app development services for a variety of industries

Check out how intelligent technologies can boost operations within your industry:
Marketing and advertising
  • Content development and optimization
  • Customer-centered advertising
  • Lead generation
Real estate
  • Market analysis and forecasting
  • Property valuation
  • Intelligent property management
Supply chain
  • Anomaly detection
  • Logistics optimization
  • Sustainability improvement

AI product development team

Reach your goals with a skilled and reliable AI development team. Based on your needs and priorities, we will compose a complete team to work on developing your AI solution.

Business analysts
Business analysts bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders, ensuring that plans and actions related to AI solution development align with your organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

The technology stack we use for developing AI-based solutions

For software product development, we stick to a JavaScript-based stack, with React.js and Node.js being our primary tools. But to launch an AI-powered app, you may need much more, and we know how to make the following tools work for your business:
Large language models:
Generative AI APIs
Stable Diffusion
Programming languages:
Tensor Flow

5 main stages of custom AI-based product development

With the skills of the Clockwise Software team and and wisely chosen AI technologies you can extend your existing product with AI capabilities in a matter of days. If your goal is to build a brand-new product from scratch, you can get your AI-based MVP ready for beta testing in about three months. Here’s how the product development process looks:
Discovery phase
To correctly allocate resources, we don’t dive into development right away but start with discovery. We discover your needs, industry, competitors, and challenges, as well as the best solutions for your challenges. We prepare documentation, a software architecture approach, and product design elements for your particular needs, and with all that in hand, we move forward.
Solution implementation
The product discovery phase helps to ensure your idea’s feasibility and justifies your proceeding with software development. At this stage, our engineering experts develop your custom AI solution from scratch, using an iterative model. We use two-week sprints to break the scope of work into chunks and deliver a certain amount of functionality every other week.
Software testing
Software development and testing are parallel processes. Thus, the moment our software development team starts coding, our quality assurance and quality control experts compare the developed functionality to documentation and software requirements, ensuring that the result of our engineers’ work meets your expectations and your project’s needs.

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