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Key Differences Between Client-Side, Server-Side and Pre-rendering

While the choice of rendering approach is often a topic of discussion in the development team, it’s important to know what rendering approaches are and how your choice can affect your project. In this article, we shed light on the characteristics of server-side and client-side rendering.

Best Examples of Websites and Applications Built with Angular

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for user interface development. Take a look at the best Angular and AngularJS websites and choose it for your next project

How to Make a React Web App SEO-Friendly

If you want to use React for the fast and responsive UI of your web application but hesitate about its SEO-friendliness, worry not. After reading this article, you’ll know how to build an SEO-friendly website with React.

Best Examples of Websites Built with React

React is one of the most loved web frameworks among software engineers; React is one of the most popular web tools for UI development. Take a look at the best websites built with React and make sure that’s an excellent tool for your next project!

Node vs. React Comparison - Which to choose for your startup?

Node JS vs React JS comparison may be confusing. If you are looking for a clear and simple React & Node review, check our article!

9 Best Examples of Node.js Apps to Inspire Your Next Project

Node.js is used by world-class companies and ambitious startups. Want to find out more about why companies choose Node.js for their backend? Find some inspiration in our new list.

Best Examples of React Native Apps

Meet the best examples of React Native apps. This Facebook’s development framework will simplify your software engineering. We’ve collected a list of apps built with React Native and explained why you should use it too.

Xamarin Vs. Cordova - Is It Right to Compare?

Have you ever thought about building a prominent business app? Are you looking for ways to launch a great solution, stay under budget and expand your business? Take a look at this article comparing Xamarin and Cordova to get the answers you have been looking for.

Flutter Vs. React Native - What to Choose for a Startup

React Native is popular. Flutter is hyping. Who will win in the end? We have reviewed the main advantages of both tools to help you choose the best cross-platform app development framework for your project!

Cordova vs React Native App Development: Which One to Pick?

There are numerous mobile development tools but only a few deliver on functionality and performance. Take a look at our Cordova vs React Native comparison to help you make the right choice when developing a viable app

Relational vs non-relational databases: advantages and disadvantages

Explaining a database and its types to a non-tech person may be hard. But we accepted the challenge. In this article, we compare relational vs. non-relational databases and help you make the right decision for your project!

Top JavaScript frameworks for cross-platform development. Who is the leader?

There are tens of frameworks for cross-platform app development. The choice is hard. However, our comprehensive market review enabled us to discover the true leaders. Read about the frameworks that promise you top performance coupled wit native-like experience

React Native vs Ionic: What is The Best for Startup?

Choosing a technology for a startup may be a challenge. Here, we gathered some valuable facts and features that would make your choice easier. React Native vs Ionic: find out which one is the best for your project!

Payment gateway comparison - international services vs. local solutions

If you as a business plan to receive payments from your users online, you won’t get along without a payment gateway. But which one to choose? This article offers you an extensive overview of different service providers with references to relevant business cases.

Front-end JavaScript Frameworks Showdown: Vue vs. React vs. Angular

Starting a new project you definitely have to face the hard choice of the technologies it will be based on. This comparison of three most powerful fron tend frameworks will help you making the right choice according to your real needs, and not just current trends. Check it out!

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