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We understand the main troubles startup founders have to face: limited budget and constant time pressure. It is crucial to release a product in the shortest possible time, receive feedback and continue improving and polishing it according to user expectations. Learning on own mistakes would be too painful, if not fatal for a startup. That’s why, it is important to allocate your budget wisely to minimize risks.

In years of cooperation we have created an efficient software development process for startups. And now you can benefit from it with us.

How the journey goes?

Comprehensive competition analysis and market research

We highly appreciate the ideas our customers come with. But we have to ensure, that a given idea has potential to achieve success. For this purpose, we assign a business analyst who analyzes the existing market and compares the offers of the competitors with the services our client is going to provide.

Idea refinement

Knowing what the competitors offer and understanding what the users expect, we help our client to refine the idea. The main criteria is to offer something unique, a service, that will attract users due to solving their problem in a new, unexpected, but extremely efficient way. If the idea isn’t unique, the future service should offer something other than the existing competitors to win its portion of the market.

Prototype of the future product

When the idea is more or less clear, it should be turned into a prototype. It is an interactive way to represent design, interactions, core concept and features of the project. The prototype is something we can show to investors and potential users. Their feedback helps to understand whether we are on the right path.

Minimun vaible product (MVP) development

An MVP is the first version of the product with minimum functionality. Usually, it includes only one core feature. The aim of this stage is to develop a product in the shortest time (usually several weeks) and present it to the first real users in exchange for valuable feedback.

Further product development

We keep improving the product based on feedback from users: adding new features, improving existing ones, adjusting UX, extending the variety of services offered. We never build a product “blindly”. We ask the users what they need and do our best to satisfy these needs with our technical expertise.

Business & marketing consulting

Our business analyst will be a part of your team during the whole startup development process and beyond. Constant market research and work with feedback ensure that together we create a product the users love, appreciate, and are ready to pay for. An assigned marketing professional helps to build a strong brand community and discover new horizons for the product.

Why to partner Clockwise Software?

We’re honest and we criticise a lot

We are not here to compliment your idea - there is your family and friends for this. We have an independent point of view which is complemented with our experience. This means, that we will be looking for weaknesses in your startup idea, criticise a lot, but also offer efficient solutions to turn this idea into a powerful tool.

All-in-one partner

Business consulting, design, technical development, quality assurance, marketing for startups — we offer a full spectre of services to transform an idea into a worldwide successful product. You don’t have to hire and manage several contractors. Your product is created under one roof by a strong team.

High quality of development

We understand, how important is the users’ first impression for a startup. That’s why, we do our best to deliver the high-quality product on all stages of development. We use proven technologies, follow latest trends and extensively test the product to minimize the number of bugs and ensure that everything works as expected.

Expertise proven by our portfolio

We are providing software development for startups for over 4 years now. This experience helps us to understand the needs of our clients better, to foresee and prevent any problems before they have critical impact, and to build products that users and investors like.

How we did it

We can offer our expertise in developing custom systems for enterprises, startups, and logistics service providers. Let our cases inspire you.


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Andrei Tsygankov

CEO and Business Development Manager

Andrei has been involved in startups on various positions since 2003. For over 4 years Andrei has helped grow ideas into products that customers love and recommend to their friends.

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