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How to Make a Business Model Canvas for Mobile App Ideas

Launching a mobile app business is not a child's play. You should rely on the experience of successful companies and walk their proven path. A business plan canvas is one of the important elements of business creation. In this article, we discuss the details.

How to Pitch an App Idea to Investors and Get Funded

Having a powerful, billion-dollar app idea isn’t enough to build a viable business. You need to pitch it. Find out how to present your app idea, capture investors’ attention, and raise funds for growing your startup.

How to Conduct Market Research for a Startup

If you want to succeed as a startup founder, identify an existing users’ problem and solve it. How to conduct market research for a startup and understand what users really want? Find out in this article.

Why You Need a Landing Page for Startup and How to Build One

Wonder why should you build a landing page for startup? Discover reasons to start your business with a landing page, check best practices to create an attractive startup landing page and take a look at examples of landing pages for online marketplaces.

Startup MVP Insights You Should Know to Build a Successful Business

Building an MVP for startups: The best insights and use cases that will help you nail your product through a high-quality idea validation

5 Stages of Startup Development: Step-by-Step guide

Discover a surefire way to make your startup successful based on the Airbnb case study. From an idea to a mature company, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of growing a product that converts millions.

8 Ways of Mobile App Monetization You Can Benefit from

An application isn't worth anything until it starts to generate some revenue. And here we discuss this hot topic: ways to make money with your application. Take a look at detailed descriptions, real use cases, advantages and specifics of the most common ways to monetize apps and pick the options that meet your product requirements.

How to Write a Business Plan For Mobile App Startup

Are you looking for some tips on how to write a business plan for an app? Take a look at our Business Plan For Mobile App guide.

Why do startups fail? 5 actions to avoid

There are many reasons why new startups never succeed as Uber or Airbnb did. We have described 5 critical mistakes you have to avoid if your plan is to conquer the world with your startup product!

How to fund a startup? The comprehensive guide to investments

How to fund a startup? In this article, we talk about various investment strategies, review the difference between a venture capitalist and an angel investor, and find out why crowdfunding a startup may be a good idea!

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