Sofiya Merenych

Tech Editor and Content Team Lead

Articles by Sofiya

Manual vs. automated software testing — choosing the right approach

What is better, manual or automated testing? We often hear this question, and our answer is always the same: manual and automated testing aren’t competitor approaches, they work best together. Find out, what your strategy should look like to take most out of every type of testing.

How to Build a Custom Marketing Analytics Platform for Your Agency

Optimize your marketing agency processes with a custom marketing analytics platform. In this article, we provide valuable advice and guide you through the process of platform development.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Automation Software Product

Marketing automation platforms can reduce your marketing efforts dramatically. Take a look at the five most popular solutions and decide which one to choose for your business improvement.

Why You Need a Landing Page for Startup and How to Build One

Wonder why should you build a landing page for startup? Discover reasons to start your business with a landing page, check best practices to create an attractive startup landing page and take a look at examples of landing pages for online marketplaces.

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