Articles by Anna Popovych

The War in Ukraine: What You Should Know and What You Can Do

Everyone’s talking about the war in Ukraine. What’s going on right now? How are the Ukrainian people holding on? And how can you help Ukrainians to withstand this war? We've collected answers to the most painful questions in this article.

Software Developer Onboarding Process: Best Practices for Remote Team Extension

Effective onboarding program can save you time, money, and even reputation. Find out why onboarding a new developer is significant for your business, and check best practices to make this process fast and seamless.

8 Product Roadmapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you need to develop your product strategy? Can you build a product roadmap on your own? What should you include in a product roadmap? Discover answers in this article and find out what mistakes you should avoid when creating a product roadmap.

How to Write a Project Brief for an Outsourcing Company

What is a project brief for software development company? How can it help your business? And how to write it? Find answers to these questions and a free project brief template in this article.