Articles by Anna Popovych

IT Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

Not sure how to build a cooperation with a software development company when you already work with an internal team of specialists? Compare managed services vs staff augmentation and choose the best way to extend your engineering team.

How Much Will It Cost to Develop a Custom Application?

Are you trying to calculate cost to develop a mobile app may? This task may turn into a challenge. Read the article and find out about factors that impact custom app development price, as well as learn to calculate your development expenses correctly.

What is IT Staff Augmentation? Best Way to Extend Your Team

IT staff augmentation is one of the software development outsourcing models that may help you to hire great talents and optimize development cost. Find out about its advantages and potential challenges.

How to Build a Meditation App Better than Headspace

While meditation apps like Headspace and Calm attract enormous investments, there's still a chance to launch a better product, attract users and build a sustainable business around a software app, Find out how to do this the right way.