Articles by Anna Popovych

How to Create an App like Wish and Make it Thrive?

Would you like to raise a company worth more than 10 billion dollars? Of course, who wouldn’t! Let’s learn from world e-commerce leaders and find out how to build an app as prosperous as Wish marketplace

How much does it cost to build an E-commerce website in 2019

How much does an e-commerce website cost? That’s a tricky question many development agencies fail to answer correctly and honestly. Take a look at this guide describing each component of the process to invest in and find out how to minimize expenses

How to Find App Partners to Develop a Successful Application

Successful app development partnership is your lifesaver in a world of intense competition and accelerated industry growth. Take a look at our tips on where and how to find a partner you’ll be proud to work with!

Peer-To-Peer marketplaces: All you need to know to launch a scalable marketplace with P2P business model

Peer-to-peer marketplaces are one of the most popular business models nowadays. In this article, we dive deeper into details. How does a P2P marketplace work? How to attract users to a beginner platform? How to build a successful peer-to-peer marketplace from scratch? All these questions are answered here!