Marina Chernish

Tech Researcher and Writer

Articles by Marina

How to Build an Email Service From Scratch

Mailchimp has come a long way from small startup to market leader. Isn't it the best example for inspiration? Find out how to develop a top-performing email service like Mailchimp from our article.

How to Hire Developers in Ukraine for Your Startup and Is It Still Safe?

Our guide will help you find and hire Ukrainian developers for your startup. We answer all urgent questions related to the topic and highlight pitfalls and benefits.

How to Build a Custom SaaS CRM System For Your Business

There are numerous off-the-shelf SaaS CRM solutions available in the market. However, the question arises whether they can meet the unique needs of every business, or if opting for a custom solution is the better approach. In this article, we will explain the process of building a custom SaaS CRM and outline the key advantages of such a solution.

How To Create an AI SaaS Product

Artificial intelligence offers huge potential for businesses. Read our article to find out how to benefit from it by implementing it in your SaaS product.

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