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The rise of Internet of Things resulted in thousands of hardware startups that struggle for our attention. However, a revolutionizing invention can release its true power only with highly efficient code that operates it. And here Clockwise Software can enter the game.

We develop powerful solutions for all types of connected devices

Wearable devices

Watches, necklaces, bracelets and rings are not just jewelry anymore. Nowadays, they can measure your activity and track your health, connect to the internet, sync with a smartphone, process and analyze gathered data. Wearable devices come in handy in medicine, sports, and entertainment.

Smart Homes

Smart home solutions include energy and water management, remote appliances control, security and access control, surveillance systems, audio/video systems, etc. Smart homes are a trend nowadays. Along with making life more comfortable, they help to reduce household expenses.

Smart Cities

Smart cities struggle to solve multiple challenges, such as energy usage and waste management, public transport management and environmental concerns. Smart systems help to control CO2 emission, adapt traffic lights according to the time of the day or current weather, and many more.

Connected Cars

Connected cars are equipped with collision avoidance and lane departure warning system, notify the driver about speeding and other critical issues, which increases safety on the roads. Besides, such cars can notify about possible breakdown before it happens, or offer alternative more efficient routes.

We are your reliable partner for IoT software development

Proven expertise in IoT software development

We successfully work with smart devices and develop IoT applications for different purposes such as dashboards for analysing data from multiple devices, remote controller applications for web and mobile platforms, etc. We find the right solution to extract most value from your hardware.

Always on the edge of technology

We are constantly following tech trends to be on the edge of latest developments. No old-school frameworks and outdated technologies with questioned compatibility. We use modern and proven tools to ensure that the software we develop remains up-to-date for a long time.

Custom approach to each case

We work with IoT startups on the initial phase and successful businesses that implement Internet of Things in their existing process. We customize our workflow and adjust the development team according to each specific case to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Extensive communication and transparent processes

We value personal communication with the customer to ensure that we have the same vision of the product we are developing. This enables us to keep our processes transparent, where the customer understands the value of each dollar invested in IoT product development.

How we did it

We can offer our expertise in developing custom solutions based on IoT. Let our cases inspire you.

Factory surveillance software

A full-featured surveillance software connecting various IoT devices is designed specifically for the factory needs. It prevents unauthorized access and ensures higher working productivity.

Factory surveillance software
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How can you profit from implementing IoT?
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Andrei Tsygankov

CEO and Business Development Manager

Andrei can offer his comprehensive experience in developing and launching complex industrial IoT projects as well as empowering connected consumer devices.