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E-commerce development for small businesses and enterprises

For over four years we are helping our clients to represent their retail business online with custom e-commerce development. Online shopping web and mobile apps, internal order management and stock management systems are our expertise. These two types of software for e-commerce business have completely different end users, but both target the same aim - to deliver better service to more clients. And we are here to help you achieve this.

Websites and mobile apps for online shopping

Most attention should be paid to user friendliness. Ease of use is something that customers appreciate most, especially when it comes to shopping. Making the path to check-out as short and intuitive as possible, we ensure that the user won’t give up before his order is finished. Besides, it is important to consider the following:

Buyer persona building

Understanding who your buyers are enables to adjust online shopping experience to their expectations and needs. Appealing to customer’s feelings in the right way may stimulate him to purchase from you.

Payment gateway choice

Payment gateway is the service that enables your customer to pay for goods or services immediately online. Selecting the user friendly, secure and reliable solution is one more reason for your customer to make a purchase again.

Security concerns

As an online store you will have to deal with large amount of user data, including their names, addresses, personal phone numbers, payment details, etc. It is crucial to store this data safe, otherwise, the client will not trust you again.

Wise A/B testing

Even a tiny change in an e-commerce application can significantly affect conversions, and in most cases, you won’t guess whether it will be positive or negative. A/B testing helps to discover the true impact before the change has been implemented permanently.

Internal e-commerce software

E-commerce requires two-end technical solutions. On one end, there is the user interface with the ability to browse, buy and pay for the products or services. The software on the other end is responsible for everything that remains behind the scenes - starting with order processing and up to delivery to the customer.

Order management software

The system should be able to automatically process and classify the order, generate an invoice, send the order details to the warehouse. If you still do it manually and suffer from minor mistakes from time to time - automating this process will greatly save you time, money and improve the quality of work.

Stock management system

Did it happen to you, that a client ordered 10 items of some product, but you had only 5 available in stock? A specialized software could help you avoid such misunderstandings by syncing the items in stock with the ones offered for sale. Besides, the system can remind you to restock before you run out of some type of products.

Warehouse and delivery management software

The software is here to ensure that exactly the items ordered will be packed and loaded in the right truck which delivers the package on time. QR codes printing and scanning allows to minimize mistakes on this stage and to make the work of the warehouse managers and logisticians more efficient.

Accounting software

When all the processes in the company are automated, accounting is not a big deal. Being just another module in your system, it enables quick and exact calculations with minimum time spent. All the data are automatically transferred from other modules and the probability of mistakes is extremely low.

Reasons to trust e-commerce development to Clockwise Software

We start with research and analysis

Competition on the market is huge. It is important to understand what your potential customers expect and what your competitors offer. A comprehensive analysis helps us to build an e-commerce product that stands out in the crowd.

We offer complex solution both for your clients and your staff

An online store, be it a website or a mobile application, is just a half of your success. We help you automate and improve the processes that remain behind the scene, including order processing, stock and warehouse management, delivery, etc.

We build customized e-commerce solutions for business to exactly match your need

With custom software you will no longer have to adjust your working processes to the abilities of the software. You can use consignment, resale or any other business model, your e-commerce software will always support your processes in the most efficient way.

We offer long-term support and maintenance

The work on the product doesn’t stop after the official release. We are ready to assist you with integrating the software in your current processes and resolve any issues that appear when the system is being used in real conditions.

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