TOP Tech Startups Conferences in 2020

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TOP Tech Startups Conferences in 2020
TOP Tech Startups Conferences in 2020
The variety of startup conferences worldwide is amazing! To work towards improving your business, you need to decide which one to attend. Learn about the biggest tech conferences and buy tickets for events that have the potential to change your life.
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By sharing our experiences, we can expand and diversify our worlds. We gain new experiences, meet new people and discover stories and use cases that we’ve never encountered before. That’s why startup conferences and events are trendy: millions of specialists attend them annually.

This particular role belongs to IT events. The information technology industry is the market segment that drives progress and improvement. More and more specialists are joining the industry, with more than 8.4 million specialists working in the information and communication industry in the EU. Each of them has their own path, unique experiences, and an unlimited number of ways to share it. These people become great speakers at popular events, big conferences and technical meetups, and the knowledge they offer is priceless. 

Today, we are going to talk about where you can meet thousands of IT engineers, business owners, analysts and enthusiasts at the same time. We will tell you about tech startup conferences 2019, their location and start, why you must visit them and how to prepare for each event properly. Ready? Go!

Reasons to visit tech startup conferences

Reasons to plan your trip to tech startup conference this year

Although conferences provide multiple opportunities for personal, professional and business development, some entrepreneurs still hesitate to decide whether this type of activity is worth their time. To help remove your hesitation, we’ve prepared this top list of things you can get by visiting startup events:


Each event is a bottomless source of the inspiration and amusement we lack so much in daily routine. Interesting insights, tried and tested tips, success stories, and motivational speeches – you can find whatever you need here. Startup conferences 2019 can help to grow a single thought into a brilliant and profitable idea. So, why not give a try?


The wider the network of IT enthusiasts, potential investors, and partners you have, the easier it will become to drive your business. Each tech event brings together thousands of interested professionals, so, you, as a business owner, gain a unique opportunity to grow an enormous network in just a couple of days.

Software engineers

Many of tech conference attendees are middle to lead software engineers interested in cutting-edge technologies and new career opportunities. CEOs, CTOs, and startup founders shouldn’t miss a chance to meet, recruit and hire an IT expert here.


If you’re looking for reliable investors, there is no better way to meet them than visiting one of the top tech startup conferences. A brief presentation and a good pack of business cards could open many doors for you.

Brand promotion

There are several ways you can use the perks of an event for your PR and marketing campaign:

  • As mentioned, while networking, provide information about your business, goals and critical advantages in comparison to rival businesses.

  • Write an article about your conference experience in a corporate blog.

  • Create nice visual content and share it on your social media profiles. 

Each of these simple steps will help to engage your readers and followers, increase conversion rates, and promote your brand. A valuable opportunity, isn’t it?

Plan your visit to a tech startup conference

Tips to plan your visit to best tech startup conferences

Now that you understand the reasonable facts on why to visit tech startup conferences, it’s time to prepare properly. Correct cost estimation, time management and a clear vision of what you expect from this event will lead you exactly where you want to be.

Focus on your goal

Define key goals to understand why you plan to visit one or another event. Is it about potential partners? Or would you like to keep up on innovative ideas? Although there are many things you can get from conferences, make sure to understand your key purpose. 

Start early

Conferences provide unlimited opportunities for meeting new investors, partners and clients. However, don’t go with empty pockets. Browse your contacts, shortlist people you would like to meet as soon as possible, and find out whether they plan to attend any events this year. This will help you decide on the best tech startup conferences you need to add to your plans, as well as build a clear goal for why you are going there.

Find the conference that best meets your needs

Fortunately, we can help you with this. Take a look at the following section and buy your tickets to the event that may change your business entirely.

The 12 top tech startup conferences that you may want to attend in 2019

Throughout the year, there are great opportunities to join global events devoted to tech startups, revolutionary technologies, and approaches, as well as meet great talents. Below, we’ve collected the best events. Just compare dates and places to your own schedule and start to plan your prosperous business trip.

1. TechCrunch Startup Battlefield

  • Date: January 1, 2019

  • Location: Dubai, UAE

How do you imagine a regular tech startup conference? Is that a day packed with tech talks provided by different speakers? Or is it a huge conference hall like Hannover Congress Centrum where thousands of people listen attentively to an excellent speech? Then you should know that TechCrunch Startup Battlefield looks completely different. 

The event’s scenario is something special: it operates more like startup owner interviews. Business leaders and startupers just talk about their ideas and achievements, while the audience gets an opportunity to evaluate early-stage businesses and find out about market trends. This event is a one-of-a-kind way to get acquainted with small companies that offer amazing solutions.

2. SaaStr Annual

  • Date: February 5-7

  • Location: San Jose, CA, USA

For those who adore cloud technologies or are looking for ideas to build a SaaS solution, there is no better option than SaaStr Annual. Here, all the cutting-edge B2B topics are covered. The founders claim that this is the one and only place where all SaaS enthusiasts can meet in person and drive overall industry development.

A prominent feature is that SaaStr is a non-vendor event. Here, you don’t have to pay for particular content, get distracted with too much advertising or with boring but colorful panels providing useless information. If you take care of your time and are striving to launch a revolutionary app, there’s probably no better way for you to spend 3 days in February.

Conferences for tech startup owners

3. Startup Ole

  • Date: March 26-28

  • Location: Salamanca, Spain

There are some overrated big tech conferences with huge participation fees and other unreasonable costs. Fortunately, Startup Ole doesn’t belong there. Tech entrepreneurs from around the world can gain precious knowledge and build valuable business relationships here. The speakers talk about the hottest trends along with the best business approaches, and it’s all… free!

Several powerful organizations, like the Central American Integration System and European Commission Startup Europe, support this event. Thus, it is completely free for attendees. If the ticket price is the thing that stops you from visiting the world’s greatest tech gatherings, visit Salamanca in March. 

4. IoT Tech Expo Global

  • Date: April 25-26

  • Location: London, UK

By 2020, we expect the IoT market to grow up to almost $460 billion. But before deciding to conquer the market with a revolutionary IoT solution, you should be fully aware of what’s going on there and the most actionable ways to succeed among well-established IoT providers. Otherwise, your startup will fail like numerous similar businesses.

IoT Tech Expo London is the place to discover the latest IoT news, find out more about the frontrunners and clarify the vision of your own IoT product. Everything from connected industry specifics to enterprise IoT app security is discussed here, so don’t miss your chance to join more than 12,000 attendees and be encouraged to either launch or upgrade your startup idea.

5. Collision

  • Date: May 20-23

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

If you’re already fond of the European Web Summit (we’ll discuss it a bit later), we’re happy to announce its Canadian follower. Collision belongs to the fastest-growing IT events on the continent. In just 5 years, it has attracted the attention of over 25,000 attendees from more than 120 countries around the globe.

The speakers’ specialization surprises: on Collision conferences, you can meet SaaS business leaders like Tobias Lutke, CEO at Shopify, officials like Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, or even Timbaland, artist, musician and producer. So many spectacular talents at a single technology startup conference!

Startup founders conferences

6. Wonder Women Tech

  • Date: June 8

  • Location: London, UK

Wonder Women is a young but strong organization that highlights the role of women in the sciences, IT, engineering and art. They say their mission includes “typical conference model disrupting”. Wonder Women delivers great content, discusses revolutionary topics and tech trends, and strives to improve conditions for women’s professional growth and development.

Here, you can meet women whose businesses make a difference. CEOs, top-level managers, technical leads, and experts will share their experience and provide you with glorious ideas for your startup improvement.  

7. StartupFest

  • Date: July 9-13

  • Location: Montreal, Canada

They say there is no similar event in the world. And we can add that it is one of the biggest tech conferences you should add to your event list in 2019. This is a splendid example of how you can meet great minds, investors and partners all in one place.

This particular role belongs to the content presented on StartupFest. The 5-days event will guide you through the most hyped topics, valuable information, research, statistics, success stories and workshops provided by influencers and decision-makers all over the tech world.

8. Traction Conf

  • Date: August 7-8

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada

In 2019, Canada is the location for multiple opportunities for startup growth. Traction Conf is one of these. Here, the focus is on business extension, sales increase, powerful lead generation and tried and tested strategies on how to set your local or even global market on fire.

If you have ever wondered how companies like Google or Slack have started and developed their businesses, take a look at your schedule for August and book your tickets to Vancouver. More than 500 famous companies’ co-founders will share their knowledge with you.

9. IT Arena

  • Date: September 27-29

  • Location: Lviv, Ukraine

IT Arena belongs to special tech conferences 2019. Here, you have an opportunity to not only to meet enthusiasts who can support your business growth with finances and ideas, but also to meet technical professionals, experienced engineers and qualified software experts who can turn your startup idea into an up and running product. In addition, these people know how to take it to the top!

You can join one or several conference tracks: Business, Product, Technology or Startup. So don’t hesitate to buy your tickets. Standard fare starts at $150, which is more affordable than many other similar startup conferences 2019 in the USA or Europe.

10. SaaStock

  • Date: October 14-16

  • Location: Dublin, Ireland

The SaaS community loves this event! Here, brilliant tips for SaaS startups, business development, and scaling are available. More than 40 hours of informative content will bring you profitable results.

Take a note that in 2019, smaller SaaStock events will take place in multiple locations all over the world. New York, San Francisco, Sydney, and others will host the event, too.

11. Web Summit

  • Date: November 4-7

  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal

This is one of the greatest events in Europe. This year, more than 70,000 attendees from 170 countries worldwide plan to take part in Web Summit. Over 1,200 speakers will present achievements, best practices, and forecasts on different topics. The conference covers everything from web development to machine learning, from SaaS tools to IoT. And it is always worth visiting.

The start date is November the 4th.

12. TechCrunch Disrupt

  • Date: December 11-12

  • Location: Berlin

In December, we’d recommend you to visit TechCrunch Disrupt. It takes place in the capital of Germany and gathers powerful tech game changers. You as a business owner will find its Startup Alley incredibly interesting. With the enormous source of ideas, it has the potential to change your own startup vision. Besides, the Disruptive After Party gives you a chance to meet a reliable business partner and collect funds for your striking idea.

Top 10 tech startup conferences

In conclusion

This era is full of changes and innovations, and 2019 is full of events and conferences that can help you keep a close eye on all these innovations. Participation in these types of activities is vital for your business: the more you know about the industry you’re focused on, as well as its leaders and your potential competitors, the more clearly you’ll see how to make your business unique. 

Chase great ideas and get tons of inspiration on the greatest tech gatherings in 2019!

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