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Top 10 App Analytics Tools: Comparison of App Analytics Tools and Platforms

Selecting the right mobile app analytics tool for your app or online platform can be a daunting experience. We will guide you through the best analytics tools out there and help you make the right choice!

E-commerce development and web design trends 2019

E-commerce is one of the most rapidly changing industries. It quickly adopts the latest technologies and is one of the trendsetters for other industries as well. How will e-commerce change in 2019? There are some surprises in for you!

How to build a smart speaker skill? Costs of a ready product

Personal assistants are becoming more and more popular forming a new market for businesses of all types. In this article, we talk about developing a voice skill for a digital assistant and the costs.

Quality assurance methods and best practices: QA definition - Clockwise Software

What is software quality assurance? The question seems easy until you dig deeper into quality assurance methods. We have gathered the main QA best practices, so that you can better understand and value the testing process!

IoT in business in 2019: benefits of Internet of Things - Clockwise Software

Internet of Things in business is a true innovation. Tiny devices with powerful algorithms behind them can completely transform modern industries, reducing expenses, increasing working efficiency and eliminating risks.

Relational vs non-relational databases: advantages and disadvantages - Clockwise Software

Explaining a database and its types to a non-tech person may be hard. But we accepted the challenge. In this article, we compare relational vs. non-relational databases and help you make the right decision for your project!

Personal voice assistant technology: smart speakers with intelligent personal assistant - Clockwise

Smart speakers based on personal voice assistant technology keep evolving. Why are smart speakers popular, what are they capable of? Let’s find the answers!

The secrets of technical SEO: how to boost your website and attract more visitors

Do you want your awesome website to appear at the top of search engine result pages? Follow this simple rules to reach your goal!

Implementing location services in an application. Which APIs should you consider for each use case?

Most of the modern mobile apps use device's location to deliver customized service to their users. How does it work in practice? We have reviewed the most popular techniques to enable your app to receive and process user location.

Possible disadvantages of single page applications. How to turn them into benefits?

Single page applications (or SPAs) are trendy nowadays. However, along with a handful of benefits, they can bring some drawbacks as well. But we know how to take most from all possible disadvantages of an SPA!

The rise of consumer IoT: Smart devices that are becoming a part of the average household

Can you imagine how many various devices are already connected to the internet? And what will our household look like in the coming years? We have investigated the market of consumer IoT to give you an overview!

Forewarned is forearmed: the primary types of cyber attacks and how to prevent them

Cyber attacks cost companies and state institutions millions of dollars yearly. But, most of them can be prevented by just following these simple steps.

Discovering main web app vulnerabilities with manual and automated security testing

Manual or automated? Which type of security testing enables finding more vulnerabilities? Forget this either-or question. It is all about finding the balance. Let's dig deeper into the capabilities of manual and automated security testing!

Overview of map services that bring the whole world to the smartphone screen

Paper maps are not in trend anymore. All we need is already on our smartphone. A variety of map services enable software developers to create multi-functional applications. In our new article, we take a closer look at the most popular of them. Some use cases are also reviewed!

Top JavaScript frameworks for cross-platform development. Who is the leader?

There are tens of frameworks for cross-platform app development. The choice is hard. However, our comprehensive market review enabled us to discover the true leaders. Read about the frameworks that promise you top performance coupled wit native-like experience

Laravel application with Bitbucket Pipelines

How to enable Bitbucket Pipelines in a Laravel application? Find the answer in our article

Overview of mobile backend as a service providers. Which one will be your choice?

Mobile backend as a service is a great solution when you need to develop a product with low expenses in a short time. But how to choose a reliable MBaaS provider? Our overview will help

How to prevent a web app from attacks? Security testing will help

We bet that your app or website processes and stores vulnerable user data. But is it safe? Security testing will help to detect most common vulnerabilities and prevent personal data from leakage.

Single page applications. Are they a good choice for your project?

Single page applications fit all website content within one page. They offer a smooth user experience and reduce the load time. But how are they developed? What are single page application examples? The answers are in this article

Is your system ready for high loads? Popular load testing tools in 2018

You want to have as many app users as possible. But is your system ready to handle all of them? You can find it out with load testing. We also review most popular load testing tools.

Weex framework - fresh blood in the cross-platform development ring

Cross-platform app development market keeps evolving. Here we will introduce you to Weex - a new framework, which will soon chase the market leaders such as React Native, Ionic, and others.

Blockchain is changing the world around us. Businesses have a chance to innovate!

Blockchain became highly discussed due to recent bitcoin rise. However, this technology has much more to offer! We review the best uses of blockchain for any type of business!

The hard choice between mobile backend as a service and custom backend explained with pizza

We explain all advantages and disadvantages of mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) and custom backend comparing them with... pizza! This technology couldn't be explained easier!

Dealing with large files in Cordova

Have you had an error when trying to upload a large file to a Cordova application? Seems like we've found a solution!

Location-based apps are conquering the world. Is your product ready to join them?

Location apps strive to make our life easier, more comfortable and more fun. Let's review the main problems geolocation services solve. Besides, we take a closer look at how geolocation works

Monolithic vs. Microservices - the choice that defines the whole development process

Microservices and monolithic architecture are competitor approaches. In this article we review both to help you choose the right one

Essential AWS products every app will benefit from

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) is the most popular cloud services provider worldwide. We review the essential AWS products that can be used to build any type of a web or mobile app

React Native vs. Ionic. The battle of giants in the cross-platform development field

React Native and Ionic are main competitors among cross-platform app development frameworks. We overview the main differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each framework to help you make the right decision.

Amazon Web Services Introduction: all you need to know about the world’s largest cloud services provider

Nowadays, Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud services provider. We overview the products and pricing options offered by AWS, as well as the advantages of the service.

Types of Web Hosting. What to choose in 2018

How to choose hosting for your website? Check out our overview of 4 major web hosting types and choose the perfect home for your website.

Automation testing tools. A short overview of solutions for different use cases

The popularity of automated software testing increases, just like the number of test automation frameworks. This article will guide you through the most popular tools and help you to make the right choice depending on your current needs.

Modern artificial intelligence frameworks that make AI available to everyone.

Artificial intelligence frameworks make the creation of deep learning, neural networks and NLP applications easier and faster offering ready solutions. We overview top AI frameworks to discover which work better for specific cases.

What is artificial intelligence? From Sci-Fi right into your business plan

When will machines be more intelligent that us? How is AI helpful? There are so many questions and so much misunderstanding around artificial intelligence. The following article gives a comprehensive explanation of AI and related concepts.

Manual vs. automated software testing — choosing the right approach

What is better, manual or automated testing? We often hear this question, and our answer is always the same: manual and automated testing aren’t competitor approaches, they work best together. Find out, what your strategy should look like to take most out of every type of testing.

Web Development Trends in 2018

Web development trends are changing rapidly. Yesterday the multi-page websites were popular, today the trend for simplicity brought single-page apps back on the top. Read about other tendencies in web development for 2018.

Progressive Web Apps - The New Word In User Engagement

Asking yourself, what alternatives does the expensive native mobile development have? Doubts aside, try the progressive web apps. They are a combination of fast and cheap web development with traditional app-like features. Find out more!

Hybrid app development vs Native app development: Which one is best?

Hybrid vs. native app development. Does this sound like a hard choice for you? We have prepared a deep analysis of these two approaches. After reading it, you will be ready to decide which one is the best fit for your business!

Frontend frameworks showdown: Angular vs. React vs. Vue

Starting a new project you definitely have to face the hard choice of the technologies it will be based on. This comparison of three most powerful front end frameworks will help you making the right choice according to your real needs, and not just current trends. Check it out!

Anti-trends in web development. Get rid of these until the end of 2018

Are you interested in web development trends of the coming year? Then this anti-trend list is also worth your attention. Find out what irritates website visitors and ruins your conversions!