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8 Ways of Mobile App Monetization You Can Benefit from

An application isn't worth anything until it starts to generate some revenue. And here we discuss this hot topic: ways to make money with your application. Take a look at detailed descriptions, real use cases, advantages and specifics of the most common ways to monetize apps and pick the options that meet your product requirements.

Trello vs Jira – The Best Tools to Manage Your Team

Trello vs Jira. Which one is the leader? Take a look at the key differences between the best tools for efficient project management, find out about their differences and similarities, and decide on a perfect solution for your next project

Logistic tech startups you should follow in 2019

Logistics is an industry that needs innovations. Successful businesses aren't ready to invest in the development of modern and efficient solutions for their logistics departments. But startups are! We have reviewed top startups that innovate in logistics industry. They are worth following!

Agile approach for Mobile App Development - Waterfall vs. Agile

When starting app development, you are likely convinced to adopt agile. But why? Is it somehow better than waterfall? Does it affect the development process and the end result? This article answers all questions about software development methodologies.