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How to Pitch an App Idea to Investors and Get Funded

Having a powerful, billion-dollar app idea isn’t enough to build a viable business. You need to pitch it. Find out how to present your app idea, capture investors’ attention, and raise funds for growing your startup.

How to Conduct Market Research for a Startup

If you want to succeed as a startup founder, identify an existing users’ problem and solve it. How to conduct market research for a startup and understand what users really want? Find out in this article.

What Is Software Development Consulting & How Can It Help Your Business?

Software development consulting is one of the first steps to take for building a successful startup. Our article will tell you how you can benefit from this service and why you may need it.

What Is Multi-Tenant Architecture?

Serving the needs of multiple users with a single software product may be quite a challenge, especially when your product will start to attract more and more users and scale. Multi-tenant architecture model can help you overcome this and many more challenges and precisely meet users’ needs.