Articles by Alex Aleksieiev

6 Ways to Solve the Chicken and Egg Problem for a Marketplace Startup

To make your marketplace grow, you need to work hard to attract both sellers and buyers. But how to attract buyers when there are no sellers and vice versa? It’s called the chicken and egg problem and we prepared a report on how to deal with it in a quick and effective way.

Why to Build a Two-Sided Marketplace: Benefits and Challenges

Marketplace business model is very attractive nowadays. But running such a company isn't a piece of cake! If you want to avoid the most widespread pitfalls -read this article carefully. We give you a few valuable insights

Peer-To-Peer marketplaces: All you need to know to launch a scalable marketplace with P2P business model

Peer-to-peer marketplaces are one of the most popular business models nowadays. In this article, we dive deeper into details. How does a P2P marketplace work? How to attract users to a beginner platform? How to build a successful peer-to-peer marketplace from scratch? All these questions are answered here!

How to Build An ERP System From Scratch

Ensure you have your business under control. Here’s our full guide on ERP development. We cover the key benefits of resource planning systems and the steps to take to develop one for your organization